The Publisher

2015-05-08 21.04.30Queen Phillips has been speaking before audiences since early childhood.  She has been ministering the Word of God since 1984 and holds a degree in bible and theology.   She is a licensed evangelist, Certified Christian Counselor,  author,  inspirational writer, poet, motivational speaker, prayer coach, public administrator, and the proud mother of three adult children, and grandmother to 6-yr old twin girls.  

She is the founder of Majestic Publications, founder/executive director of Majestic Worldwide Ministries, Inc., and QEP Enterprises. 

Queen is committed to publishing and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to evangelize the lost, make disciples and teach them how to apply biblical principles in practical living, to live a purposeful and abundant life through faith and hope in Christ.

She is a gifted communicator in the body of Christ to edify, equip and empower individuals by teaching and preaching about the supernatural power of God in the person of the Holy Spirit, promoting unconditional love toward others, advocating for righteousness, and total commitment to the Bridegroom in preparation for His return.

Her teaching, preaching, inspirational writing and motivational speaking skills developed over the past twenty-plus years into what she defines as her passion to live a purposeful life to help others by communicating biblical principles.

Her academic achievements and years of life experiences in corporate America, public administration and management, Christian education, Bible college, and church administration empower her to provide sound biblical teaching immersed in wisdom and simplicity to enhance practical living through faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Her teaching and training techniques inspire, motivate, encourage, and engage the student intellectually.

Her inspirational writing style motivates readers to look within themselves for faith and power to handle all of life’s challenges.

Sis. Queen (as she is affectionately called) serves faithfully in her local assembly as a curriculum writer and adult teacher in the Department of Christian Education; she is also the leader of the Altar Counselor Ministry, and a Public Relations staff writer for The Whole Truth, COGIC’s #1 urban Christian magazine. 

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