Moving Forward: Do you have a story?

Do you have a story of moving forward in spite of your painful past, betrayal, rejection, bad decisions and mistakes?

Are you ready to share your story to help someone else?

It’s not always an easy journey to embark upon a healing process.  It takes courage, determination, vision and hope!

I am sure you will agree that life can seem unbearable at times, causing you to question if it’s worth living.  However, once you have beaten the odds and see from God’s perspective, you realize it is a story that should be told to give God glory.

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Subject line: I have a story

Be sure to include your contact information.  ONLY SERIOUS PERSONS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH SHOULD APPLY.


Now in Paperback!

PathtoPromise-thumbnailHave you been betrayed by someone you trusted with your heart? Are you experiencing one broken relationship after another…one broken promise too many? 

It is time to use your painful past as a bridge of hope to reach your fullest potential.

No longer should you be held captive by the painful experiences of your past. 

Do you want to move forward, but feel stuck in your past? This author gives you the simple steps to put you on the road to recovery and in the right relationship with someone who will never betray you. 

Everything you need to move forward is available to you and made possible through Jesus Christ:
* Promise of God’s Presence
* Promise of God’s Peace
* Promise of God’s Power

* Learn how to access the promises of God. 
* Learn how to trust again. 

The four-step preparation process combined with biblical principles, spiritual insight, and a personal action plan will propel you forward in victorious living. 

The Path to Promise teaches you how to move forward by trusting the only One who will never betray you or break His promises. This is your opportunity to live a purposeful life with the assurance of an expected end.