Live. Laugh. Love.

How much time to you spend analyzing …trying to “figure out” life.  To be truthful, we are not qualified to figure out life, even for those who call themselves life coaches.   Being a life coach does not mean you have all the answers to the life’s complexities and challenges, but that as a coach you help others navigate the course of life with all its detours.

Even the Teacher of Ecclesiastes, a man who possessed brilliant powers of wisdom and observation had to conclude some things are beyond understanding.  Failing in his attempt to “figure out” life, he fell back on simple advice: Fear God and obey him, no matter how things seem to you.  In essence, he concluded in favor of a life of faith.  For him, an old man, most of life had already passed; in eloquent poetry he describes the decay that was already at work in his body.  Therefore, he stressed to us, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before your days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, ‘I find no pleasure in them.’ -Eccl. 12:1

The Preacher gives us wise advice to teach generation after generation.  If we spend all of days trying to figure out life, by the time we’re mature in age, facing physical, mental and emotional challenges, we will have found no pleasure or delightfulness in living.  Enjoy life! It’s short. You can be here today and gone today. Live. Laugh and love. Live each day with thanksgiving, trusting the all wise God to be the captain of your soul—the One who can navigate the course He has already charted for your life. And hopefully, at the end of your day you will have lived a purposeful life.