Live. Laugh. Love.

How much time to you spend analyzing …trying to “figure out” life.  To be truthful, we are not qualified to figure out life, even for those who call themselves life coaches.   Being a life coach does not mean you have all the answers to the life’s complexities and challenges, but that as a coach you help others navigate the course of life with all its detours.

Even the Teacher of Ecclesiastes, a man who possessed brilliant powers of wisdom and observation had to conclude some things are beyond understanding.  Failing in his attempt to “figure out” life, he fell back on simple advice: Fear God and obey him, no matter how things seem to you.  In essence, he concluded in favor of a life of faith.  For him, an old man, most of life had already passed; in eloquent poetry he describes the decay that was already at work in his body.  Therefore, he stressed to us, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before your days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, ‘I find no pleasure in them.’ -Eccl. 12:1

The Preacher gives us wise advice to teach generation after generation.  If we spend all of days trying to figure out life, by the time we’re mature in age, facing physical, mental and emotional challenges, we will have found no pleasure or delightfulness in living.  Enjoy life! It’s short. You can be here today and gone today. Live. Laugh and love. Live each day with thanksgiving, trusting the all wise God to be the captain of your soul—the One who can navigate the course He has already charted for your life. And hopefully, at the end of your day you will have lived a purposeful life.


What are you eating?

Hannah Whitall Smith, a speaker and author (February 7, 1832 – May 1, 1911) said,

“The things we think on are the things that feed our souls.  If we think on pure and lovely things, we shall grow pure and lovely like them.”

How appropriate for the times in which we’re living.  It’s so easy to get distracted by what we hear and see, and before you know it you’re eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The more we chew on the ugliness we see, and profane things we hear, the more likely we are to become spiritually infirmed and dis-eased.   Do you realize some distractions are strategically placed and planned by the enemy to lure you off the right path of a healthy and peaceful life journey with Christ?  And if you’re not sober and alert, before you realize what has happened, you will be on the pathway that leads to self destruction.  The best way to avoid distractions is to feed your soul spiritual food.  Start your day with a healthy breakfast to break your will so you don’t do things your way that day.  For lunch enjoy a delightful mixture of Word, praise and worship to keep your spirit energized, and to hold your carnal mind in check. And then for dinner, enjoy a healthy and hearty full course meal with all the trimmings—meat and bread of the Word, prayer of thanksgiving, fruitful praise, truthful and spirited worship as your delicious dessert.

Remember, it’s easy to think on the naughty, negative, and not so nice things that cause fear and frustration. But make the decision to think on things that are pure and lovely.  For example, the unconditional love and innocense of a child, the kind words of a stranger, the forgiveness of a friend you wronged, most of all, the breath of life and hope of eternity. Take the time to think on the small things that we often take for granted while trying to grab hold of the grand things in life.  Dine on the healthy snacks rather than the junk food, and watch how you begin to cherish healthy living by exercising your faith. Watch how you will grow and become spiritually healthy and mature. Before you know you will be in the habit of thinking on those things that provide nourishment to your soul, and see how strong you will be in the Lord. You will become more like Christ—pure and lovely—when your eating habits become healthier, and you exercise your faith in Christ daily.

Appetite for Righteousness

“Blessed and fortunate and happy and spiritually prosperous (in that state in which the born-again child of God enjoys His favor and salvation)  are those who hunger  and thirst for righteousness (uprightness and right standing with God),  for they shall be completely satisfied!” [Isaiah 55:1,2]    —Matthew 5:6


seafoodI love seafood! I could eat it everyday.  My favorites are catfish and shrimp—blackened or deep-fried, grilled shrimp or shrimp scampi with side dishes: dirty rice, potato salad, cole slaw, with all the trimmings, i.e. green tomatoes, tartar sauce, and hush puppies! Hmmmm…

 There’s this certain seafood restaurant I really like going to because they serve up giant platters.  I eat and eat and still have enough for a doggie bag. Wow! The thought excites my taste buds.  Funny! I can’t recall when my appetite for seafood peaked to this degree. Perhaps I’ll never remember but what I do know is when the cravings hit me I gotta eat until I’m completely satisfied.

Truth is, seafood is really not filling.   Although it’s my favorite dish, it only provides short-term satisfaction.  In a couple of hours I’m hungry again.  In addition, it wouldn’t be wise to eat it everyday.  I’d still deprive my body of a healthy and well-balanced diet if I only satisfy my cravings for seafood. Therefore, I must develop an appetite for other nutritious foods in order to ensure complete satisfaction. 

 The same is true with the spiritual appetite. If you crave for uprightness and to be in right standing with God, you can experience complete satisfaction while enjoying His favor and salvation.  Spiritual satisfaction comes by feeding your mind and soul (spirit man) with the Word of God, prayer and meditation, worship, loving, giving and serving  others. 

 The best place to start developing an appetite for righteousness is during personal devotion in the privacy of your home. As you acquire a taste for spiritual food, it is observed by others in and outside the home—marketplace, church, and community.  People will notice your healthy attitude, positive outlook, and seasoned conversations caused by your constant and consistent exercise of faith. Once you develop an appetite for spiritual food you are dissatisfied with just snacks.  Eating snacks is just a temporary solution for hunger, and requires constant nibbling because your hunger is never really satisfied.

 The reason some Christians don’t have an appetite for righteousness is because they have not developed a taste for what’s really nutritious.  They enjoy eating snacks and junk food, which only satisfy their cravings for a very short period of time.  Being a “snack” junkie is a characteristic of a child’s appetite. Children have to be trained to eat healthy while they’re young.  They must be fed nutritious food so that they will grow and develop as well as develop good eating habits.

 Perhaps you know adults who still dislike vegetables from their childhood. They never acquired a taste for them.  And because they would spit them out religiously during feeding time, their parents gave up and stop trying.  Consequently, the child grew into adulthood with poor eating habits.

 When your diet consists primarily of junk food, you lack the essential nutrients to become strong, healthy, and vibrant.  Your brain becomes a “twinkie” stuffed with puffy whipped cream (not to mention the 39 ingredients in Twinkies).

 You look good outwardly, but you have no substance—your thought process is all fluff. You get the picture? In essence, you’re at a higher risk for sickness and disease when you don’t eat healthy.

 So it is with your spiritual diet. When you do not have an appetite for righteousness, thus eating poorly, you become spiritually malnourished.  You become spiritually weak and unfit to handle life’s challenges. However, because you made the decision not to eat a healthy spiritual diet you suffer from a lack of peace and prosperity.   

 Surprisingly, many Christians would rather be prosperous in one particular area.  Of course, I want it all—naturally and spiritually— in every aspect of my life.  In fact, John’s prayer recorded in his third letter to Gaius was that Gaius would prosper in all things and be in health, just as his soul prospers.  This lets us know that God desires for us to be well, and do well in every way as we journey through life.

 In other words, He desires that you “succeed in reaching our goals, potential and purpose.  As you succeed in your (soul) spiritual journey of faith, you should expect to succeed in every aspect of life. This is God’s desire for His children.  Of course, this requires being discipline and responsible. 

 For example, you should eat a spiritual balanced meal daily, and get proper exercise.  Truth is, you need more than one (1) good meal a week (on Sunday). Your appetite should be for righteousness, which will satisfy the soul.  If the spirit man is completely satisfied then you are able to control the lustful appetite of our flesh (sin nature). 

 If you seek to satisfy your carnal nature more than your spirit man, you cannot please God; therefore, you become weak, and defenseless against satan’s attacks.  Most of all, you become hostile to God because your “twinkie” mind is controlled by carnal thoughts (Ref. Romans 8:5-8). Being hostile to God is a danger zone. 

 Ask God to give you an appetite for righteousness.  I encourage you to discipline yourself and change your eating habits.  Eat a daily serving of the Word of God.  Come into His Presence and let the pure water of the Word wash you clean.  If you enjoy the spiritual food you will be blessed, fortunate, happy, and spiritually prosperous; you will certainly be satisfied. 

 Dearly beloved, as much as I love seafood, my appetite for the righteousness of God is greater.  What about you?



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