Living by Faith: Easy?

Living by faith is not as easy as many would have you to think. When we read and study the Bible, we find that it was not easy for Abraham until he had an undeniable experience that proved to him that God keeps His promises.  It was not easy for David. He penned his way through the troubles of life.  He wrote over and over in powerful poems of praise and worship, some of the most beautiful ever written.  In some he asked the real life questions, experienced the real life struggles, voiced his disappointment and expressed his discouragement.  It was not easy for the disciples.  They were called by the Master but afterward uncertain of their decision to give up everything to follow him. After his death, they felt alone and afraid not knowing what to expect even after Jesus had tried to prepare them.  As a matter of fact, it was not easy for Jesus.  He had his share of troubles. His family didn’t believe in him. He was under constant attack from the religious leaders. He was even betraying by those closest to him.  He was tempted in his humanity, and relied totally on his Father to strengthen him through prayer and obedience.  

However, the most important thing noteworthy in these “faith walking characters is consistency. They were consistent their belief that no matter how great the struggle, or the trouble, the Father’s will and purpose were more important, and that He would bring His purpose to pass.  In the case of the disciples, Jesus himself set an example of being consistent in looking to the Father, and doing what the Father told him to do and say (John 14:24). 

If living by faith was so easy, there would be no need for us to put our “trust” in the Lord.  Truth is there’s no magical formula to make our troubles disappear, even after long nights of crying out to the Lord.  Although He promises never to leave us or forsake us; and that He will deliver us out of all our troubles and afflictions, the truth is that He does it according to His set time.  Therefore, until His purposes for allowing the trouble, or until His working all things out in the background, according to His good pleasure,  is complete, we have to live through it, “believing” that He will come through…things will work together for the good…And until then we must say as David: “In you O LORD, I have taken refuge…; be my rock of refuge. In you O Lord do I put my trust.” Until then we must continue saying as Jesus did, “Nevertheless, not my will but yours.”  This equates to living by faith, confident that no matter what life brings, the purposes of God shall prevail and I must make the decision to trust Him at all cost. And as He reveals His character in the midst of our experiences, we are empowered to trust Him more and more.

He understands that in our frailty, living by faith is not easy. Yet, it is through our confidence and trust in His power that He commands us to do so. “For without faith, it is impossible to please Him” (Hebrews 11:6). Consequently, my confidence in Him and wanting to please Him, I yield myself, which is the hardest part, so that living by faith is easy.