Worry FREE!


Happy Friday! I pray that you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!


Every day you hear about the financial problems of the United States. All the talk about cut backs, recession…. At work, my co workers emailing complaining about the state freeze on raises and bonuses.  People afraid of lay off and forced early retirement. From the start of the conversation, I have been sick and tired of it. You know I have made a conscious effort not to worry about this matter.  Since the start of this “recession” talk, I haven’t missed a meal or a day at the mall. Now I am not bragging because I know that there are many people who have lost so much during this time.  But I know that God has the POWER to do anything!

 Yesterday as I sat in my office working and listening to music, my iTunes DJ played a song called “Can I sing to you?” (NCGCC YYA Album, written by Oscar Williams).  As I sung the words, “You are my everything, everything, you are my everything yes” I heard God say… “When I am your everything you don’t have to worry about anything!” No matter what is going on in your finances, if God becomes your everything, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

 So on today, despite all the negativity and fear of the economy, let’s let the Lord know you are my EVERYTHING!

 Psalms 90:1 Lord, thou has been our dwelling place in all generations!

 Majority of the Psalms are known to be written by David.  But this Psalm the 90th Psalm is known as one of the oldest, because it was written by Moses.  It is not clear exactly when Moses wrote this particular Psalm, but Moses was one who witnessed and experienced the Power of God! Moses experienced God miraculous Power! Moses, a man with a speech impediment stood before Pharaoh. Moses is the man who led the children of Israel out of Egyptian BONDAGE. Moses, who held his staff up and watched God part the Red Sea.  Moses, the man who watched God rain Manna from on high to feed the children of Israel…  He wrote this Psalm you are our DWELLING PLACE, Our Place of Refuge, our covering, our protection.  But Moses did not just say to us, but he said to ALL GENERATIONS! As long as we are covered by God, he will supply us everything that we need.  So guess what? You don’t have to worry about anything. 

So why do we fear? Genesis 15:13 says that the children of Israel was in bondage for 400 years! And today we are worried about a recession that may last only a couple. I encourage you to allow God to be your everything.  I often find myself worrying about things, I have no control over.  So on today I want to publically apologize to God for everything I have ever worried about!  And on today I am going to praise him for being my everything!

 Let’s Pray!

Dear God, we come to you first apologizing for all the complaining and all the worrying.  Lord, we stand before you today and allow you to take control over our lives.  We realize that it doesn’t make sense to worry so on today we take control over our thoughts.  In the name of Jesus every negative thought we take captive over them and bring them into your obedience.  God we submit ourselves to you on today.  We give our lives to you! Lord we thank you for being our everything, even when it seemed like we did not have anything.  Lord on today, we enforce your original plans and purposes over and against the plans and purposes of Satan.  Lord in your word you said the wealth of wicked is stored up for the righteous. And on today we declare that the wealth of the wicked is no longer laying up but it is now Released! God we love you and adore you! And it is in Jesus’ Name that we pray! AMEN!

 Worry FREE,



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