Working to Win!

We live in a culture where people want to do less and get more.  We want all the perks, the benefits, the pay, but are not willing to work.  We want our destiny to POP up Like Popcorn.  We want Microwaveable Manifestation.  We want God to work miracles but we want him to do EVERYTHING.  For the past few months, God has been revealing things to me as it relates to my future.  He has given me visions, glimpses of where he wants me to be.  Honestly, I can tell you that I have not been doing much with what he has shown me.  I just have been living in the moment and holding on with faith, waiting on God. And on last night, as I started preparing for work, I heard God say… “In order to WIN you have to WORK!”

Ecclesiastes 4:5 (NIV) The fool folds his hands and ruins himself!

 Ecclesiastes 4:5 (Message Bible) The fool sits back and takes it easy, his sloth is slow suicide.


I remember when God first revealed this scripture to me.  It was my senior year at Dillard University.  My good friend Sarita and I were sitting in my apartment with tons of homework to do and no energy or desire to do it.  I believe we were weeks away from graduating and were experiencing what students like to call Senioritis.  Sarita began looking for a scripture; she found Ecclesiastes 4:5.  I can remember that the word immediately saturated our hearts and “got our minds right”.  That night we studied and completed all that we needed to.  And on today, I pray that just like this scripture “Got our minds right” back in 2004, that God allows this word to saturate your heart and mind! And give you a boost of energy to WORK! In order to WIN you have to WORK!

 I believe that there are some people who are moments away from completing a task, an assignment, or a goal, and completing what God has ordained but you are tired and experiencing SENIORITIS.  But I hear God saying, “In order to WIN you have to WORK!”

 Everyone wants a Miracle! And I believe that God can do ANYTHING, but fail. But if you want God to work a miracle you have to do something.  You cannot just fold your arms, sit back, relax, and expect God to do all the WORK!  The woman with the issue of blood PRESSED her way through the crowd (Matthew 9:20-22).  Simon Peter CAST his net into the water (Luke 5:4-11). The two blind men FOLLOWED behind Jesus (Matthew 9:27-31).  God told the ten lepers to go show yourself to the priest and it was as they WENT that they were healed (Luke 17:11-19).  The paralyzed man was LOWERED through the roof by his friends (Luke 5:17-26).  These are all miracles that Jesus preformed, but someone had to do something (WORK) before God performed the miracle. 

 I see so many people that God has given many talents and they are doing nothing with them.  I believe on today, there will be people who share in this meditation that God has given you a vision, but you have not begun to work! But the scripture on today tells us that if we sit back and take it easy, we are slowly committing suicide to ourselves.  Moreover, it says the FOOL! Only a fool would fold his arms and RUIN himself! Don’t be a fool, be a WINNER! But in order to WIN you have to WORK!

 Let’s Pray!

 Hallelujah Jesus! Thank you Lord for your word! Thank you that your word has POWER! Thank you, Lord, you have given us all scriptures for instruction in righteousness, for reproof, for correction.  You said in your word that all scriptures equip us for every good work.  Lord, forgive us for our slothfulness; forgive us for folding our hands, and being relaxed.  Lord, forgive us for expecting you to do all the work.  We declare on today success and progress in Jesus Name.  We decree and declare that the times and seasons are in the hands of the Lord and they shall not be altered or adjusted by anyone or anything.  And it is in Jesus Name that we pray! Amen and Thank God!




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