What if I obey?

On last Friday, I decided to take my mom to dinner. So we went to one of her favorite places in Houston. When we got there we noticed a waiter that we have had before, and hoped we did not sit in his section. So we were happy when the hostess led us to another area, until we saw the area was full of children. Now you know how much my mom and I like kids, but that day wasn’t the day for us to be surrounded by them.

Well we sat next to a family with four kids and believe it or not they were very well mannered. Right before they received their food I heard a voice say “Pay for their dinner.” Now you all know I try to keep it real during meditation, so I will admit, I thought, God I know you are not telling me to pay the bill of a table of six. God said, “YES.” So I toiled with the notion; I even thought what the husband would think, he may be insulted. But then after the family received their food, they held hands and prayed. That was my confirmation that they would understand. Then I thought six people…? Their bill is going to be expensive! And God said, “I will take care of you.” So I paid for their food without them knowing and I left before they would know what happened. And to my surprise the bill was not expensive at all! (I guess HE took care of it)

Yesterday evening my mom and I were in line purchasing our dinner for the evening and I received the change and Luke 6:38 was written on the money.

On this Friday we are going to meditate on… What If I obey? And we are going to use the scripture in Luke to answer the question.

Luke 6:38

Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

So what if you obey? I know some of you are a little confused and are probably thinking “I thought we were talking about OBEYING… why are we looking at a scripture on GIVING”. (Cause that is the same question I asked God when he spoke to me last night regarding this meditation). I heard HIM say, “To obey is to give”. My God! See people of God, when you listen to the voice of God and you obey him, there is a high probability that you are GIVING. You may be giving your time, your space, your money, your possessions, yourself, but you ARE giving something.

I am not sure what God is telling you to GIVE on today… but let me tell you something… OBEY HIM! God has been dealing with me in an area of my finances. I believe that I am a natural born GIVER (I think I get that from my Grandfather). But these past months I have been experiencing some financial difficulties, and I could not understand WHY? God has afforded me to make a considerable amount of money and I have even experienced supernatural increase in that area. I even was at a point that I thought by not giving my tithes, I will have extra. But on every month that I DISOBEYED God and did not give my tithes, I sunk deeper and deeper in a whole. This made me think twice about giving, it made me selfish. (I pray my honesty will deliver someone on today!) A couple of weeks ago my Bishop preached on “Robbery without a Weapon!” and that message delivered me from not paying my tithes. And since then God has broken the curse that was over my life concerning my finances.

I believe that last Friday, God was just testing me to see if I was back to my old self again. What test is God giving you on today? Will you OBEY HIM?

In Luke 6:38, the word of God is telling us that if we give it will be given back to us! And I believe that the word of God has never been untrue.

I hear God telling someone right now, you say you’re lonely… GIVE your time to someone who is in a nursing home with no family! You say you are hurt from the void that your father did not feel… GIVE your heart to some young child in a group home. You say you are tired of being broke… Sow your money into good ground! I hear God telling you to OBEY!

So today, ask yourself WHAT if I OBEY? I know that God will answer to you… “If you OBEY your RETURN will be RUNNING OVER!”

Let’s Pray

God on today we come to you first asking that you forgive us for tarrying when you have given us a command. Forgive us for our second, third, and fourth thoughts. Forgive us for the times we disobeyed despite of ALL The confirmations you have given us that it was your voice. Give us an ear to listen to you God, a mind to serve you, and a heart to change lives. God we thank you for loving us, even when we do not love ourselves. Thank you for loving us when we are selfish and disobedient. God we ask that you give us the will power we need to OBEY you! Lord We Love YOU! You are awesome! And it is in your name that we pray! AMEN and THANK GOD!


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