Wake up!

Last week, I attended the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.  This is something that I have done every year since I was 12 years old.  But this year, I came to convention in a different capacity.  After completing several terms in office in the Youth and Young Adult Department last year, I did not know how I would fit in at the convention being on the other side of the department.

But as I listened to God throughout the year, I realized that I wanted to become a vendor at the convention.  When people heard that I would be a vendor, some were confused and wondered what I would bring.  For years they have seen the leader, educated woman of God, Monica, not knowing that God had blessed me with gifts beyond that.  Weeks leading up to convention I was so nervous regarding whether or not people would like the things I made.  I was afraid the men wouldn’t buy my custom ties or bow ties and the women wouldn’t like the “different” lap scarves that I make.  I was so nervous; but after paying the booth rental fee there was nothing I could do but move forward with the vision God gave me.

Well, during the convention I taught the youth and young adult women’s class and we talked about steps to our destiny.  And on the first day we talked about WAKE UP!  I discussed with the girls how for so many years many of us have allowed our dreams, the visions God give us, the goals that are embedded within us to DIE.  We discussed how we allow those things to DIE within us for many different reasons.

As I spent time with God on this week, I thought about how for so long I have suppressed God’s gifts.  I suppressed them thinking that it did not fit into my world of counselor, professional, etc. For so long I allowed my dreams to be a seamtress to lie dormant within me.  And like me, I know that there are so many people that have allowed themselves, and their dreams to die… and I hear God on this evening say.. WAKE UP!

John 11:43

 When He had said this, He shouted with a loud voice, Lazarus, come out!

I know you are wondering… Wake up? What does that have to do with Lazarus?  But Lazarus was Jesus’ friends and when he received word that Lazarus was sick, he did not come right away.  He waited two days before traveling to see Lazarus.  And when he arrived Lazarus was  dead and had been buried in his tomb.  Lazarus was dead for 4 days.  When Jesus heard of Lazarus’ death he cried.  The bystanders and everyone around said, “Well if he loved him so much why didn’t he come sooner”.  When Jesus arrived at the tomb, he said “remove the stone”. After the stone was removed, God told Lazarus to “Come OUT”… Wake Up and Lazarus came out of the tomb.

Just like Lazarus was dead when Jesus arrived, some of your dreams have died waiting on Jesus to show up! But like Jesus told Martha, “If you believe you will see the Glory”.  And I hear God telling some visionaries, whose vision has been dead for some time to COME OUT! WAKE UP! But before you can come, you have to roll the stone away! I do not know what your stone is that is holding your dreams in the tomb, but with God it can be rolled away!

There will be bystanders, haters, and non-believers standing around not believing that your dreams can be accomplished.  There will be some people that tell you, “Well you tried it didn’t work move on”.  There may be someone telling you, “Well you don’t have the finances so wait till they come”.  But just keep Rolling that STONE AWAY! And WAKE UP!

Don’t let your dreams that God has given you DIE forever! You have places to Go… People to Meet.  Lives to Change… Legacies to Create… so WAKE UP!

Let’s Pray!

 Just as Jesus told Lazarus to COME OUT of the Tomb, I hear him telling your dreams to come out! Live! And I come into agreement that every vision that God has given you will wake up in your life on today.  That every vision that has been lost will be found on today! Every song that you have written and it didn’t make it to paper, you will hear the tune again.  Every idea God has given you about your business you shall write it down and commit it to memory on today.  WAKE UP! And don’t let that dream or vision die within you! Allow God to open doors for you in your life.  We thank God for loving us enough to call us and our dreams from the DEAD.  We thank God that he allowed his vision to be birth through us.  We thank God that everything that He has for our lives will come to past. Thank you for the doors that will open and the doors that will close. The stone will be rolled away today in Jesus NAME! And we give God all the glory and honor.  Amen! And thank God!

Wake Up,




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