Until the walls fall…

I feel that in the body of Christ so many people are facing opposition on this morning.  For some it may feel like the walls are getting ready to cave in on you. Or you feel like you are holding on to the end of the rope and your hands are stinging.  Some of you feel like you have been shackled down for the past couple of months.  I felt this way this morning! (I can admit it) But you know what I love about God; he ALWAYS puts a song in my heart that pertains to my current situation.  And this morning, I was reminded of Martha Munizzi’s song “Till the Walls Fall”.  For those who do not  know the words or have not heard it before, ( I encourage you to find the song today) the songs says “ Praise Him to till the walls fall to the chains break, praise him to the enemy is under my feet, I will stand my ground to the walls fall!” But my favorite part is the declaration in the song that says, “I will NOT back up, Not back down, stake my claim, stand my ground, shout for joy, Till the WALLS fall Down!”

 And on this Friday, I believe that the enemy is trying to build walls in your life to block you from what God has ordained will occur.  The enemy is trying to keep you shackled from doing the will of God; he knows that if he does not block you or hold you down, you will become EVERYTHING that God has designed for you to be! But the song says, “But for this ONE thing I am CONFIDENT, that you will FIGHT for me, you are my defense!” (I hear God saying, I am your defender, so stop trying to defend yourself) He will handle it! But all you need to do is keep PRAISING HIM!

 God has allowed us to share in this meditation today, and I believe that today He wants us to PRAISE HIM!

 Acts 16: 25-26

 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.  Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken.  At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose.

And I hear God saying on today! That I will give you a SUDDENLY blessing if you take time to PRAISE ME! Suddenly, their chains came loose and they were FREE… but first they Praised HIM! Someone is at work right now, ready to give up on that crazy job, because your boss is crazy, your co workers are crazy…. But I here God say that if you give me a CRAZY praise, I will Free you from all foolishness. Everything in your life right now maybe falling to pieces, walls may be building up on your job; walls may be building up in your relationships; walls may be building up in your family; walls may be building up in your home…. Everywhere you find comfort there may be a wall going up! But God wants your PRAISE!

 I heard on the radio several days ago, a commentator read this exact scripture and it blessed me.  Not knowing that God was going to bring it back to my memory to share with you on today.  But the radio personality said that for someone it is 11:59pm, but if you keep praising him in a minute you will be FREE! I believe that today God wants you to know that if you PRAISE HIM, he will give you a Suddenly Blessing. 

 I do not know where you are today, but I encourage you to stop what you are doing and give God some PRAISE! Someone is saying, I am tired, PRAISE HIM! Someone is at the end of their rope, PRAISE HIM! Someone feels that if one more thing goes wrong, I am going to end my life; PRAISE HIM! Someone is tired of getting high and drinking to medicate their hurt but unable to break loose from their chains of addiction, PRAISE HIM! Someone is tired of giving up their body to feel loved, but they do not know how to knock down that wall, PRAISE HIM! 

Will you Praise Him on Today?

 Let’s Pray!

 God we come first asking that you forgive us for our sins that we have committed on this week.  We ask that you cleanse us and make us new! We love you Lord, and desire to please you! We serve notice to the enemy on today that we will NOT back up, NOT back down, we stake our CLAIM and we will continue to STAND our ground, because we are confident that this battle has nothing to do with us but everything to do with God’s plan.  We are confident that he will defend us, and we already know that we have the victory.  We come against the spirit of prostitution, the spirit of fornication, the spirit of addiction that has so many of God’s people shackled.  We are breaking the chains today in our lives that have us stuck in the same spot for years! We speak peace; families will be restored; lives will be changed; people will be healed; hearts will be mended on today in Jesus name! Amen!

Praise Him on today!
Breaking the Chains,



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