Trusting God!

This week God reminded me of Job, as I watched someone close to me lose someone close that they cherished. 

 I have watched this person lose so much this year, and because of their loss God has wheeled them in closer and closer.  He has caught them kind of like a fish with bait.  I have just sat back and watched as God shows this person, that he is God. 

 Have you ever been in a situation where everything and everyone that you once thought you could depend is no longer dependable? You find out that people who you call friend, are not even worthy of the title.  Have you ever expected a family member to have your back, but once you are out on the limb, their backs have turned? Or have you ever needed encouragement from someone close to you, but everything they speak to you is negative? Have you ever thought that someone was going to be there for you forever, but now all you have are memories? Well family Job experienced losing EVERYTHING that he loved and cherished.  But what Job is remembered for is not that he lost everything, but that in the midst of losing everything he continued to TRUST God! Will you be like Job? Do you have the righteousness of Job on the inside of you? Will you Trust God in the midst of your storm?

Take a moment today and spend time with God, tell him on today… “I WILL TRUST YOU!”

Job 13: 15

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.

 I encourage those who have not read the book of Job to do so; and for those who are in the midst of a storm, you may need to reread the story.  God loved Job.  God had a conversation with the devil about Job.  He told him how righteous he was, and how there was no other man more righteous than Job.  Just as the enemy would, he told God that you have given Job everything, he wants for nothing.  The devil told God, if you take away everything he will curse you.  God then allowed the devil to test Job (that’s confirmation for someone because everything that you are going through God is putting you through a test… will you pass or fail?)  Though God allowed the enemy to test Job, he told him take everything but his life.  So the devil begins to strip Job of everything that he loved. He lost his house, his family (his children), job (his crops, cattle, sheep), and close people he depended on (his servants).  Although he lost everything, he continued to trust God.  The enemy even began to test his health, but Job continued to trust God.  His wife even told him, to “curse God and die”.  His friends visited him while he was sick and encouraged him to curse God.  But Job, though he had lost everything, continued to praise God.  At the end of his test, God blessed Job with twice as much as he had before. 

That is what God wants me to share with you on this Friday.   You may be standing in your situation and have lost everything; someone does not know what to do next.  They feel like what else am I going to lose? But I come as a messenger from God to tell you on this Friday that if you just make it through the test.  God already told the enemy that he can test everything, but you must live through it.  You will make it to the end; you just have to trust God.  When your family does not believe in your dreams, you better trust God.  When you have been left to raise a child all by yourself you better trust God.  When your father speaks death into your life, you better trust God. When you are unemployed, you better trust God. When you are sick and it does not look like you are going to get well, you better trust God.  When you have more bills than you have income, you better trust God.

Can I tell you something family, that once you get through these set of test…  See Job did not experience just one test he has several test in the book of Job and after every test he praised God.  “Though they slay me yet will I trust him!” You can keep on slaying me, because God is who I trust and whom I serve.  (Someone today needs to get that in their spirit). 

Will you trust God on today? When it seems like you are dealing with so much, will you continue to trust him?  At the end of Job’s test he was blessed with twice as much.  Those who are upset about losing their job, just say twice as much.  Your car was repossessed, twice as much.  Your house going into foreclosure, twice as much.  You lost a love one, twice as much. 

Will you trust God?

 Let’s pray!

 God we come today just to say thank you.  Despite the storms we may be experiencing in our lives we honor and worship you on today.  Lord, we know that without you we would be nothing.  We understand that everything that we lost, if it were not for you we would not have had it in the first place.  Lord God you are Alpha and Omega, you are our provider, our way maker.  Lord we come worshiping you on today, for being sovereign.  We are worshiping you because through our test you have protected us from the enemy.  There is no one else in this world like you.  Thank you Lord, we submit ourselves to you.  We give ourselves to you on today.  Surround us Lord, give us the faith that we need to trust you.  Give us the wisdom to trust you.  We love you Lord! And it is in your name that we pray! Amen and Thank God!

  Family, God is getting ready to bless you with twice as much, just keep winning!

  Trusting God,



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