Time to Win is NOW!

I spent last week at the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses (www.ncgccinc.com) with the best group of young people I have ever met. We learned so many new songs by anointed writers and musicians. This year was my last year serving the Youth and Young Adult (YYA) Department and through 13 years as an officer I have never seen a group of young people Praise God, Lay in his presence, Worship him like I did on last week. Every year we have at least one rehearsal where the presence of God just shows up and young people are healed and delivered.

But this year, EVERY rehearsal except one ended with young people laid out in the presence of God (Thank YOU GOD!). Our theme in the YYA, was iWin! And I believe that every young person in the YYA declared to the enemy that NO Matter what comes my WAY! I AM GOING TO WIN! All the songs we song have stuck in my head during this week, and I believe that every song was the key ingredient to WINNING in every area of your life.

And this Friday, I hear God saying that your time to WIN is NOW!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Like a farmer, these first seven months have been a time to plant your seeds, put fertilizer down, and water your garden. But I hear God saying that your HARVEST time is now! So many of you have been sowing in Good Ground! And because of your obedience during this time, God is getting ready to push you into your season of WINNING!

I hear God saying that this is the season to WIN! So many people have had a rough beginning of the year. We have experienced things that we have never in our lives experienced before. God has shown me that so many people are getting ready to step into their season of Winning! HE is getting ready to do EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY in every dry place in your life! Your time to WIN is NOW! So let me encourage you to stay in God’s presence! Be careful of where you go and what you do in this season, because it is through your obedience that God will manifest his power, through you!

Let’s Pray!

God we come to you first asking that you forgive us our sins. We declare that “MY TIME is NOW” and that the rest of the year “I SHALL WIN”. And we further declare that no matter what the world is doing we are going to stay “SAVED”! We believe that No matter what people may think “I AM WHAT GOD SAYS I AM”. And God we will continue to stay “UNDER THE INFLUENCE” of you. “JESUS YOU BROUGHT ME ALL THE WAY” and because he brought us this far, we know “HE’s Got the POWER” to do immeasurably more that what I can imagine. So God if you can just come and “RAIN” on us today! You are our “STRONG TOWER” God and we know that because of you we are “NOT the SAME ANYMORE”. God we thank you for your son Jesus, thank you that “HE AROSE”. For we know it is because he was born, died on the cross, and rose that “WE’RE HERE” on today. God we declare that no matter what comes our way We are going to WIN! Thank you God for your power and in Jesus name! AMEN!

My Time is NOW,



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