Time for Change

by Monica E. Jackson

While sitting in Starbucks this morning I listened to a song by Tye Tribbett on my iPad.  The song’s lyrics are about how it is TIME NOW, it wasn’t about your time to receive God’s blessings, but about how it’s time for you to CHANGE! It is amazing how God’s word is relevant to us, just right where we are.  I was talking to a coworker just this week about CHANGE. 

Several weeks ago, I saw someone that I grew up with and haven known most all of my life; it sadden me to see her.  It has been some time since I saw this person, but NOTHING has changed about her.  The same thing that had her in bondage back in the day, is the same thing she is struggling with now.  The reason why I was sad is because she knows God. She is a believer, been in church all her life, and is still in church.  However, she has not and refuses to change her lifestyle! Yet you can look at her face and tell she’s frustrated by the problems that are in her life. 

If this is how you feel on today, frustrated by the problems in your life but haven’t changed your ways… God wants you to know it’s time for YOU to Change!

Acts 3:19 The Message Bible

Now it’s time to change your ways! Turn to face God so he can wipe away your sins, pour out showers of blessing to refresh you.

I see so many people with so such great potential, but they are stuck and can’t advance. Why? because they haven’t CHANGED! How long will you live your life the way you are living and expect to receive God’s Blessings? Many people have been in bondage for years and claim to be “Saved” or “A Child of God”.  They pray, carry their bibles everywhere, speak in tongues, be the first one shouting every Sunday… but REFUSE to Change their ways! You can’t expect to live in God’s abundance and live in the WORLD too!

You don’t have time to wait to get your life right! Life is short and tomorrow is not promised, so it is time for you to receive CHRIST on today.  God has placed you here to impact the lives of others in a positive way.  The mess that you are tangled up in is the same mess that God wants to deliver you from, so you can change lives with your testimony.  And you wonder why you can’t let go of that sin(s).  It’s because the enemy knows that if you change, you’re bringing so many people with you!

All that potential that is on the inside of you, but you allow the enemy to use it for evil.  I’m not perfect.  I know I have flaws… but we can’t live in our flaws! So many of you know that the lifestyles we live are not pleasing to God, but we justify them.  I hear God saying this morning; the TIME is NOW to Change.  How long will you be stuck?

I know that you think you have enough time, you are in the “prime” of your life, but I guarantee you that you will look up and realize you have wasted your time! When will you CHANGE? There is no better time than NOW!

If you give God a Chance, HE will enhance your life! The word tells us that He will SHOWER Blessings that will REFRESH you.  Don’t you want to be refreshed? Well then what is it that you need to CHANGE on Today! I know what God wants me to change and by any means necessary I am going to do it! HOW? Well the word says turn your to face God… and I am going to stay in HIS FACE until my change! I am going to Pray More, Listen More, Believe More, Spend time with HIM More… and I encourage you to do the same on today!

It’s no better time now for you to TURN to God’s Face! Tomorrow is not Promised!

Let’s Pray!

Dear God, thank you for this word on this morning.  Thank you for the call to change our ways and our lifestyles.  Give us the desire to live for you and only you each and every day! God we turn to face you on today! We know that we are nothing without you! So we will stay in your presence! God we love you and long to spend more time with you.  We receive you in our lives on today, and we will turn back to you! God thank you for being our God, thank you for being there to watch over us in our mess! We love you Lord! It is in your name that we pray on today! Amen and Thank God!



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