Throw it away!

For the past week or so, I have been throwing away so many things that I have held on to for no particular reason.  Things I have never used before, can’t ever use again, and that I didn’t even remember buying or where I got it from.  I started this purging of items, after walking in my office one morning.  I began to sing these words, which are to a song written by a good friend of mine, Jason Clayborn.  The words are, “Throw Away the Old Take on The New there is so much that God has for you to Do!”  Singing the words were like an instant revelation/ breakthrough/ awakening for me.  Though I have heard this song many of times, God revealed to me I have been holding on to so many things not just in the natural but in the spiritual.  Holding on to things that are too Big for Me to Carry! To Overbearing for me store!

So as we spend time with God on this Friday evening, think about the thing(s), situations that happened that you need to throw away.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 6b

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

 A time to keep and a time to throw away.

This week God reminded me, while literally throwing away old junk.  He reminded me that the only way  I will ever be the Monica E. Jackson that he has CALLED me to be, is if I throw away the Old.  And I hear God saying to you on this evening, that the only way you will ever reach your Destiny, your Promise… is if you learn to throw away Old Junk! Your family will not get better, until you get rid of Old Junk.  Your relationship won’t grow unless you get rid of Old Junk! Your marriage will not be restored until you get rid of Old Junk!

I realized this week, I have things stored up on the inside of me that I thought were gone. But actually they were packed away in a box waiting for something to happen for me to reopen that box.  I hear God saying that it is your season to throw away!

There are some things that we need to throw away just so we can make room for what God has in store.  The man that hurt, the pain from the baby you gave away, the woman who betrayed, the father who didn’t raise you, the mother who did not nurture you, the person who molested/raped you… whatever it is that you have been storing, it’s time to Throw it Away!  And don’t think twice about it! Why? Because there are so many things that are waiting for you.

Let’s Pray!

God, we come humbly before your throne on today, asking that you forgive us for our sins.  Forgive us for holding on to the pain from our past.  God we ask that you just give us the strength that we need in this season of throwing away.  Allow us to become the person you have purposed us to be.  Allow us to reach the destiny that you set for us before we were born.  God we pray for our enemies and we declare that No Weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.  We come against the enemy, the spirit of fear, the spirit of doubt and we speak peace in this very season.  God we love you and adore you on today.  We thank you for being God all by yourself!


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