The Sovereign One Reigns!

Good Morning,

I pray that everyone everywhere in the world are staying warm. Yesterday I was talking to one of my other grandmothers and though she is not my biological grandmother, she calls often to check on me. She was telling me about the weather up north; I told her how in Houston we were expecting snow and sleet. When she heard the news, she said look at God! I replied, He is Sovereign!

And on this Friday, I want us to reverence God for being just that SOVEREIGN!

Revelation 19:6 “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!”

The Message Bible says… Hallelujah! The Master reigns, our God, the Sovereign-Strong!

This has been a surprising winter for us this year. Places that never get snow are experiencing snow for the first time in years. And places where they are use to snow, have more snow than they can handle. But yesterday while talking to my “other” grandmother, she said something that penetrated my spirit.. “God is showing people who is in control. ”  And I hear God on this morning saying, tell them… “I can do whatever, whenever, however, and wherever!”  Do you know why? Because He is Sovereign!

I believe that there is someone who is discouraged about their situation on today. Confused about what is going on. They are saying “I thought I was going to WIN in 2010” but I experienced nothing but losses, and 2011 has started and nothing is different.

But God wants me to let you know, trust in HIM! Because He knows, He sees your struggle… And because He is SOVEREIGN He has EVERYTHING under control. So LET HIM REIGN. He said in Hebrews 13:5.. He will
never leave you nor forsake you!

Yesterday, my coworker who lives on the Beach in Galveston, TX could not make it to work because of the snow and sleet. LOOK at God! I believe His purpose through these winter storms that reach from the North to the South is to let everyone know that He is Sovereign!

So just like He rules the earth! Won’t you allow HIM to Rule in your life! Yea I know its hard for us who are “CONTROL FREAKS” to let God… But allow Him to do his job!

Let’s Pray!

With Humble hearts we come to you God and we ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness for taking control of situations that are out of our control. But on today Lord and forever more we acknowledge you as Sovereign! And we thank you Lord for showing us who is in control! God there is No one like you and because of that we bow at your feet on
today. We surrender to your authority! And we give everything to you, because we know you have the power to do anything! Take Over, in the name of Jesus! God, we are so grateful! We honor you! We adore you! In Jesus name we pray! Amen!!

Under His REIGN,


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