Stitched Up!

Anyone who really knows me will tell you how much I love to sew.  I believe my passion for sewing was inherited from my granny.  As a child, she taught me how to hand sew; she would tell me about how she would make her and her children clothes.  My sewing has recently progressed from a hobby to a small business. When I have had a long day at work, I can come home and sit in front of my sewing machine and relax. Last night after a busy day of work and homework, I couldn’t sleep. And I found myself once again sitting in front of my sewing machine. As I sewed God reminded me that he too sews!  

 I realize that at this moment there are so many people in the body of Christ dealing with broken hearts.  Whether you have been hurt by a family member, significant other, friend, or even your enemies, God wants me to remind you that he can patch up your hurt. 

 So I on this Friday, I encourage you to say LORD mend me back together again. 

 Psalms 147: 3

 He heals the brokenhearted and mends up their wounds.

 This past week I was talking to someone about how I had a past situation hurt me so much.  At that time, I felt so damaged and did not know how I was going to bounce back from the situation.  I remember thinking to myself, Lord when will this be over?  I remember spending nights crying myself to sleep and dragging myself out of the bed in the morning.  I felt torn! I even questioned God about my purpose and his plans for my life.  Last night while sewing God brought me back to this conversation and he showed me how He stitched my heart together. 

 I know it hurts now! I know you are worried today! I know you are not feeling your usual self! I know that you maybe at a place where you do not even feel God’s presence because of all of the pain.  Oh! But today, God wants you to know that just as a seamstress can alter your wardrobe, he can alter your situation.  He can bind up your broken heart, if you just let him in. 

The enemy wants you to stay upset, confused, angry, ready to fight, drawing your weapons… but I hear God say let me in so I can mend up every hurt. 

 Almost 3 years later as I look at my present situation, I know that it was no one but God who fixed my heart.  He will not just put a temporary patch over it… but he will sew your heart back together you will think it is brand new. 

 So I encourage you to let God into your heart and your situation on today! He will stitch everything back together!

Let’s Pray!

God we come to you today with bowed heads and humble hearts.  God you are the master seamstress! You are the only one who has the power to fix our hearts.  So on today Lord we give them back to you.  We come against the spirit of depression, the spirit of suicidal thoughts; we stand against any spirit that will cause us to want to hurt ourselves or those around us.  Change us God! We declare and decree on today that no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.  Whether it is emotional, psychological, interpersonal, or spiritual, we declare that you will not take over our lives, homes, our families, and our place of refugee.  We speak that God’s anointing shall destroy every yoke in our life.  We lift false burdens and remove feeling of heaviness.  And we declare that we shall walk in the ways of the Lord! God continue to protect us and give us strength as we face hard times.  You are our Sustainer and we need you like never before.  We come against the spirit of confusion and we declare clear thoughts and open minds regarding any situation that we are facing.  We give it to you! We give ourselves away to you and we ask that you use us Lord! We seal this prayer in the name of Jesus! Amen!

Stitched Up,



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