Stay Righteous

Everyone who mediates with me knows how much I love gospel music.  I listen to gospel music because it gets me through, changes my mood, and encourages me to keep going.  I play it all day in my office and in my car; it seems like whatever I need to hear God allows it to play.  The song in my spirit yesterday reminded me that everything that I am going through… God is going to give me DOUBLE in return.  The song Double is written by a young man from the Dorsey Convention, and all I can say is the words spoke to my situation and encouraged me, despite of what I am going through. 

My favorite parts of the song says: “Sometimes it storms, sometimes it rains, the heart ache & pain are for my gain, I know that double on the way.  Sometimes I fall, sometimes I fail;  it’s only a test a story to tell I know that doubles on the way.”

When I think about the fact that everything that I am experiencing right now God is going to bless me with DOUBLE for my Trouble… I turn my frown upside down!

On this Friday, God wants us to spend time meditating on Job.  Many of you know about the story of Job, which is found in the Old Testament (Book of Job).  The story begins by telling us that Job was a RIGHTEOUS man.  The Message Bible says that “he was honest inside and out, a man of his word, who was totally devoted to God and hated evil with a passion.”  In the story, God permitted Satan to take away some things from Job, to test him.  God told Satan that there is No one like Job! But Satan told God that if he took away his Family, Fortune, and his Health, he would surely curse God. But despite all that Job experienced he REFUSED to curse God!  Job 13:15, “Because even if he killed me, I’d keep on hoping.  (We know that scripture in the King James Version as “Though he slay me, yet will I trust HIM”)

God showed me that there are some people going through a JOB experience within their lives.  God has allowed Satan to strip you of the very things that you have been blessed with.  But know that the story of Job is like a fairy tale… In the end there is always a HAPPY Ending.


Job 42:10 and 12, The Message Bible

10- God restored his fortune—and then doubled it!

12- God blessed Job’s later life even more than his earlier life.

As tears fall down my eyes, I hear God saying… “It is ONLY a TEST… stay RIGHTEOUS” See so many us of want the DOUBLE but we don’t want to live RIGHTEOUS.  But Guess what? In the Book of JOB Chapter 1 talks about JOB’s Righteousness, and his Double doesn’t come until Chapter 42.  And I hear God saying, “YOU have to go through a few chapters of being RIGHTEOU before I will bless you with DOUBLE”.  So many of us don’t want to live “JUST Lives”, “Moral Lives”… we just want God’s blessings. 

I thank God on today for this reminder… because when I tell you that I have been going THROUGH (But I am coming out with DOUBLE).  So I thank God for reminding us on today… that despite of what we are experiencing in our lives… we must Be Like JOB if we want to be BLESSED like JOB.  You must be Righteous!  

Verse 12 tells us that Job was blessed EVEN MORE than his earlier life… Man JOB had it ALL in the beginning! And God not only RESTORED what he LOST… But he DOUBLED IT!

So what if you lost your HOME! So what if you lost your CAR! So what if you lost a love one! So what if you lost your MAN/WOMAN! So what if you lost your Job! Yes it hurts! But if you stay Righteous … I guarantee you that he will give you a “JOB” Blessing. 

Just remember… Sometimes you FALL… Sometimes you FAIL…. But it’s Only a TEST a Story to TELL.  DOUBLE is On the WAY… Stay Righteous!

Let’s Pray!


God we thank you for everything that you have allowed to happen in our lives.  We thank you for giving us every problem and every pain.  We know God that every problem and every pain is all for our gain and we thank you right now God.  Like Job said in Verse 42… I know that you can do ALL things; and no purpose of yours can be thwarted (defeated/prevented).  So God we honor you, Lord, and thank you for the purpose that you have placed over our lives.  No enemy, No hater, No liar, No envious person, No weapon in this world can overthrow the purpose that you have for us.  We thank you God! Like Job, we thank you that not only have our ears heard of you, but now our eyes have seen you.  So we repent of our doubts and we speak righteousness over our lives on today.  God we love you! We need you and can’t dare live without you! Thank you for the test and the testers.  We speak Righteousness our lives right now.  Cleanse our hearts and our minds today God.  We give ourselves away to your plan and purpose for our lives on this Friday…. And we will continue to give your name ALL the Glory and the HONOR.  In Jesus Name I pray… AMEN!



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