Stay Connected

This week, God has found a way to remind me that he is in control.  While riding home from work yesterday, with the music off, a song popped into my head that ministered to my situation. It reminded me that God has everything under control that I have been worrying about.  

Then this morning a co worker sent me an email that said

To: You

Date: Today

From: God

Subject: Yourself

Reference: Life

This is God.  Today I will be handling All of your problems for you.  I do Not need your help.  So, have a nice day.
I love you.

 I believe that many of us are on a verge of giving up in different areas of our lives.  We are not giving up because we do not believe that God promises will not come to pass, but just tired of the wait.  Sometimes, I think maybe if I just keep on going and not “try” things will just come to pass. But what I am learning is that it is my connection to God that keeps me going; gospel music, inspirational messages, going to church, praying, personal worship, etc. is what keeps me going every day.  I often wonder how people expect to live for Jesus when they are feeding their spirits with music, extracurricular activities, partying, and things that are not of God (but that is another story for another day).    Because it is when I am down that God gives me or reminds me of a song, a message, something inspirational and that alters my day and my attitude.  But if you cannot connect to God and see his purpose for situations, it may be because you are not as connected to him as you think you are. 

 You know the children of Israel were freed from years of bondage with assurance of a promise land.  But before the promise there were problems.  I know that many of you are wondering, well how do you get through the problems. And God’s answer to you today is Stay Connected!

 That is what I believe that God wants us to meditate on today.  He has everything under control and all we have to do is stay connected to him. 

 Joshua 3:5

 Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.

The children of Israel had a LONG journey from their problems to their promise.  So how do we as Christians today think we can get it together today and live in the promise tomorrow?  God made so many ways for the Children of Israel and I encourage you to read the scriptures regarding their journey.  They spent years in the wilderness, thought they were going to starve to death.  BUT GOD!

 I think so many of us tend to be control freaks.  We just want to make sure things are always PERFECT… everything has to be organized this way…. Work out this way… Go the way we planned them to go.  So when life takes a little detour we are unable to handle it.  We begin to doubt God, “well God you said it was going to be this way” or “you told me I was going to have the victory over this”.  And it is not that God did not tell us, it is just he did not say WHEN it was going to happen.  We did not realize that it was going to take some patience and discipline to get where God has shown us that we are going. 

Just like the Israelites, God has promised us that we will get to our promise land.  But before the Promise there were some problems.  But in the midst of those problems remind yourself of Joshua (though Moses bought them out of Egypt, Joshua brought them into the promise land).   And as Joshua prepared them for their big day, God wants me to prepare you for your BIG day.  The day that you walk into your promise land! And what God wants me to tell is to “Consecrate yourself (stay connected) because TOMORROW God is going to do great things in your presence.

So today, don’t dwell on how it looks around you.  Don’t worry about how you are going to cross over the Jordan River.  Just let God handle it! He is in control.  See because once the children of Israel got close to the Jordan River, which the bible says was at “flood stage all during harvest” the water stopped flowing (Joshua 3:14)! And God is saying to me, that there are some of you that are standing near your Jordan River, but you are afraid to get close because you are afraid of what MAY happen.  But I hear God saying… let your feet touch the water’s edge (Joshua 3:15) He is in control! But you have to stay connected! What if the children of Israel were not connected? Who knows they may have drowned trying to walk through a flooded river.  But I believe that God wants you to know today it is because they were connected that they were able to get to their PROMISE LAND!

Stay connected because before the promise, you have to get through the problems!

Let’s Pray!

God, you are an awesome God.  Thank you, Lord for using a filthy rag like me to meditate with your people.  God I thank you for sticking by my side and providing during my problems.  Lord, forgives us for our sins, forgive us for not believing.  But God today we come promising you that we are going to stay connected to you Lord.  God we love you! And we ask that you teach us how to stay connected to you.  Lord, show us alternatives to our present activities that are not pleasing in your sight.  Show us a way of escape and give us the strength to use that escape.  Lord we Love and adore you! And we bless your name on HIGH! In Jesus name Amen!

Family, Stay connected to God because your Promise is on the other side of your problems.




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