Setting myself free!

Have you ever walked in the room and people stared you up and down? I know it has happened to us before. Also, I am almost certain that we have done it also to others. God showed me that we do that because we are insecure.  We walk around hoping that no one is better at something than we are— look better than us, dress better than us, etc. 

 I love my granny, but as a child she persuaded me to get my hair done by telling me I was ugly when my hair wasn’t comb.  That’s probably why you will never see me without my hair done.  By her telling me that, it built up insecurity in me; if my hair isn’t perfect I don’t feel right.  I can remember a time in college when I wouldn’t even leave the dorm to go to breakfast without wearing makeup.  (Thank you, Lord for setting me Free!) I said all of that to say; sometimes we alter ourselves hoping for a reaction from others.  In addition, many of us make drastic changes based on the opinions and comments of people about us.  But I want you to know, people of God, no matter what they may find wrong with you, the only reason they are searching is because of their insecurities.  But I thank God because on this week, when I had enough of people and their looks, God spoke to me! (Just one word will set you FREE!) I heard God say, “don’t let their hang up, tie you up!” (If you did not receive it maybe you need to read it again) 

 So on this Friday; let’s take time to meditate on… “Setting myself Free”!

  2 Peter 2:19b

… For one is a slave to whatever overcomes him.

 WOW! I believe that there are some people today who need to be FREE! Free from other people’s thoughts, free from other people’s opinion! Because the Word tells us that whatever OVERCOMES (conquer, defeat, beat, triumph over, prevail over, overwhelm, affect, overpower) us, we are a SLAVE (in bondage, tied up, not free) to it.  That means when people AFFECT (overcome) who we are, or how we carry ourselves then we have allowed them to become our masters.  And I do not know about you… but I serve only one Master and his name is JESUS!

This message today is for that girl, boy, woman, man who, all their lives, they have been overpowered by the opinions of others.  People’s opinions have swayed you away from who you really are deep down on the inside.  Today, I encourage you to call that person’s name out in prayer who said something, or did something to you that has changed your life.  There are some people who will read this that are on drugs all because of what someone has done to you.  But I hear God say… FREE! There is some young girl today working at the strip club, all because someone planted a seed in her… But I hear God say… FREE (you’re better than that)! There is some girl who is in the world searching to find a man and has found herself in bed after bed, all because of the hurt someone has caused… I hear God say… FREE! There are some young men who will read this that is sleeping with every girl they meet, trying to earn money the illegal way.  And it is all because someone has told you, and showed you that is what defines manhood… but I hear God say… FREE!  There is someone today who is living a life of homosexuality, because all your life you were called a fag, butch, told you acted like a punk… but I hear God say… FREE!

Can I tell you something? God will take you just the way you are!  You don’t have to wait until you “get it together” to go to Him.  He will set you free from wherever you are!

For so long I was in bondage because of the things that my father said to me, but I stand in FREEDOM today.  I’m FREE! I realized that I have a Father who calls me the apple of His eye.  I encourage you today to get FREE from bondage. 

Let’s Pray!

Lord God, we come to you first asking that you forgive us for the sins we have committed on this week. We ask that you forgive us and renew us for every act, thought, and words that we have done that is outside your will.  Heavenly Father, we ask that you set us FREE from the opinions of others.  Lord, we ask that you forgive us for placing people in bondage with our actions and words.  And we forgive those who have hurt us.  God, we know that we cannot live in your perfect will and be in bondage to things of the world. God, today we pray for that person, who is on drugs, the person on the corner selling their body, the little girl who is out there trying to find love in all the wrong places, and the young men who are trying to prove their manhood.  We ask that you surround them with your loving arms of protection.  God we need you! We love you and adore you.  And it is in your son Jesus’ name that we pray! Amen!



 ©2010 Monica E. Jackson

If you missed Friday Meditation on last week… check it out at


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