Mind on Jesus

Have you ever been waiting for just the right moment to tell someone how you feel about them? I’m serious! For years you have tried to keep the peace. However, you always knew that if something ever hit the fan it would be “on and popping” (am I showing my age? LOL!) But when the moment finally came, you were at a place in your life that you could not even say anything.  You could not even begin to open your mouth and say the things you had rehearsed time and time again.  Well that happen to me this week! And I admit I was almost at the point where I wanted to tell the person how I and everyone else felt about them.  But something on the inside of me would not allow me to say everything that I have made note of for years.

   It was through my studying of the scriptures this week that God brought me to Isaiah 26:3

  Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

 I believe that that is what God wants us to spend time with him about today, PEACE.  It is amazing how God works, because just last Sunday the Sunday school lesson was on TRUE PEACE.  Then during intercessory prayer we were asked to pray with someone and join in agreement, and I asked the person I prayed with to help me with PEACE. 

 Like me, I know that for years many of you have a thorn in your side that you cannot get rid of.  You feel like you cannot wait until the perfect opportunity to say something to them.  But I urge you on today, to keep your mind on Jesus.  If you keep your mind on Jesus, he will give you Peace.  Not just any kind of peace, the word of God says PERFECT PEACE.  And let me tell you this is what will make your enemies run away, trust me I know.  They will not understand how you can just stand on the word of God and not buckle in their attempt to take away your peace. 

 When chaos is trying to take over your world, keep your mind on Jesus.  When people are trying to destroy your character, keep your mind on Jesus.  When your boss doesn’t like you, keep your mind on Jesus.  When your children are giving you problems, keep your mind on Jesus.  When the bill collectors are calling, keep your mind on Jesus.  When you don’t have any money in the bank, keep your mind on Jesus.  And guess what… he will give you PREFECT PEACE!

 Let’s Pray!

 God first we come today confessing our sins, forgive us for everything that we have done that is against your will for our lives.  Cleanse us, Lord and make us new on today.  Wash us white as snow! Lord we ask that you deliver us from ourselves and make us more like you.  God we desire to be more like you, we desire to live a life pleasing to you.  God help us to keep our minds stayed on you; help us to remember to think about you when storms, trials, and challenges come up in our lives.  Lord we Love you! Lord We HONOR you! Lord we bless your name on today.  In Jesus Name AMEN!

Mind on Jesus,




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