Keep waiting on your promise

Today I am so excited because someone close to me is graduating from college.  Now my excitement is not because I cannot believe that she finished, but my excitement is because of the road she had to travel to get there.  I pray that she doesn’t mind me using her today as an example of God’s goodness!

Although she is my little sister and I try my best to mentor her, her situation has blessed me more than she knows.  Long story short, a couple years ago she was a semester and I think it was even a class away from graduating.  But due to a personal problem she was unable to return to school.  She sat out of school for awhile.  One day while we were talking God told me to tell her, “it’s time”. The next time I talked with her about school, God had made a way for her to return to school to finish up her semester and today’s she GRADUATES!

Now I know some of you are wondering, “Where is she going with this?” But as I spent time with God this week, I continuously heard him tell me to “Keep waiting!” And just like what my little sister experienced, I believe that someone is experiencing a Delay in your Promise. And God wants you to know to just KEEP WAITING! But while you are waiting meditate on the following scripture…

Psalm 27: 14

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage, Yes wait
for the Lord!

I know how difficult it is to know the things God has promised to you and still waiting on them to manifest.  These past few weeks I have found myself frustrated too many times about my current situation.  But I here God saying be Strong and Keep Waiting!

There are so many people who are just ready to give up! Ready to throw in the towel… But you just don’t know you are one class, one lesson, one semester away from Graduating!

And I believe that God has another level that He wants to take you to. So you can’t give up… Someone who will read this has already Given Up. But God wants you to know today that It’s Time to complete the thing that you started and had to stop! You do not even realize that you were almost through!

And some people had to stop because of personal things going on in your life! But road blocks only make you Stronger.  And just because your Promise is delayed doesn’t mean that it was denied.  It’s time to get back up and get back working!

THE WORDS SAYS…You have to be STRONG! Your heart has to be COURAGEOUS! And that’s because the wait will not be easy! But I hear God say that it will be worth it!

I don’t know what you are waiting on… A new car… A new home… A job… A husband.. A wife… To graduate… A new business… Your healing… Your breakthrough…. Prosperity…. Whatever you are waiting on… Just know that the Longer you wait the stronger you will be come! The wiser you will be! But most of ALL remember that what God Promised you will be well worth everything you are and have experienced during the wait! So sit back and think on your Promise today…. It will give strength to your wait!

Let’s pray!

God we thank you for what you are doing in our lives.  Thank you for being God! God give strength to those who are discouraged on today.  Your word tells us that you will give us hope and a future.  God we thank you! Forgive us for not believing at time that your promise will come to pass.  Forgive us for being frustrated and having an attitude
during the wait. God you are an awesome God and you are better to us then we are to ourselves.  Lord we give you all the glory and honor. It is in your name we pray Amen and thank God!

Thinking about my Promise



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