HURT, You’re Helping Me Out!

This week has been an emotional week for me. I have experienced some pain, pain that I really did not expect to occur. But you know what family? In everything that happens God is still Good!

Sometimes God will allow you to go through things. (You didn’t catch that… Through… That means you are not going to stay there forever). I’m sure that I am not the only person who has been hurt before. Matter of fact, I know that this world is filled with millions of hurting people. My Bishop says that people who sin are hurt and if you can heal the hurt you will be able to minimize sin in that person’s life.  I asked God this morning, what is hurt? And what is its purpose… and I heard God say… “Helping U Right Through”! My God, so what you are telling me today God is that all the pain and H.U.R.T I’m going through today is actually helping me? Yes! And God is telling someone today that through your hurt there is Help!  (Glory to God)

So today family, we are going to take some time and meditate on “Hurt, you helping me out!”

1 Peter 4:12-13

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.

Family, as you grow closer to God some people who you love the most will not understand.  And many times God will allow that person to come against you.  But the bible tells us that we should rejoice because we participate, or are partners in Christ’s Suffering.  So what are you telling us God? That as I suffer for you… I become your partner? WOW!

How many of you remember elementary school when you had to pick partners in gym class. And you would stand back and try to pick the person who could help you win! Some of us would be the last ones selected (the last shall be first).  But today, you do not have sit and wait for God to choose you because you have already been chosen.  And you have the best partner ever because with him you are guaranteed to Win in the end!

So as you partner up with Christ, some people are not going to want to be with you.  God just told me, that some people may love you but the enemy, which is on the inside of them will try to do anything to keep that person from sticking around you.  Because the enemy knows that if they stay a little while longer, the same God that is on the inside of you, will rest on the inside of them.  So that person may be hurting you… but in actuality they are  HELPING U RIGHT THROUGH!

The word tell us in 1 Peter 4:12-13, do not be surprised and do not act as if this is new, but rejoice over your hurt.  I believe that there is someone right now who is reading this message and they are down in the dumps.  They are so hurt that they are getting ready to pull away from God.  Someone is thinking that it does not matter if I am in the perfect will of God, I will still be hurt, and so I might as well give up.  You feel as if you did not sign up for this, or you thought that once you became a child of God that you would never be hurt again.  But I come right now to tell you that your H.U.R.T. is helping u right through! And the hurt that you once experienced outside the will of God is different from suffering for Christ.  I know this may hurt a little more, but let me tell you the difference… this time you have a Partner who will let you sit on the sidelines and fight all your battles and with him you will never lose.

I pray today that you do not give up on God, because he will never give up on you. The hurt that you are feeling is ONLY temporary (you are going Through)! The word tells us that in the end all of our hurt will be replaced with Joy, moreover, we will be OVERjoyed!

If you are hurting, remember that it’s helping u right through….through to your Destiny!

Let’s Pray!

Lord, first we come asking for your forgiveness for all the things we have done that is outside your will.  God we come today and many of us are hurt.  We are experiencing some pains in our lives that are trying to pull us away from your perfect will.  But today we stand strong on your word.  We tell the enemy THANK you, because the more you hurt me the closer I cleave to God! God thank you for allowing us to experience pain, because we know that it helps us to become what you have called us to be! Lord, give us the strength to have joy in the midst of our suffering.  God if there is anyone reading this message today and they are not saved, we asked Lord that you give them the desire to become a part of the body of Christ.  We come against the enemy who is trying to keep them from you, and we declare that God will speak to their hearts daily until they surrender their lives to him.  God thank you! We Love you! Amen!

Family, I pray that you are blessed through this message.  Keep Praying for me!

Christ’s Partner,



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