Growing Larger

It is Friday once again! And I am so glad to share with you today! Well 2009 is almost over and I pray that this has been a great year for you!

 This week has been a trying week for me (I am not ashamed to admit).  I am at a point in my life where I believe that everything that happens to me is not just me, but for someone else.  So I am not shame to admit that this week, I was passed over for a promotion. A promotion that I not just wanted but I believed I deserved.  Everyone who knows me, know that I can sometimes be an over achiever, a hard worker, and dedicated.  So when I did not receive the promotion, the enemy tried to tell me that I didn’t deserve it and much more! (But today I serve notice to the enemy— he will not deceive me). 

It is often in these times, that I cling to the word of God, and begin to spend time with him regarding my disappointment. Concerning this,  I heard him say, “Monica the longer you wait the larger you will become!” See, I thought that this promotion would be the answer to some of my prayers, and the solution to some of the things that God is getting ready to do in my life.  But it was then that I realized God takes care of ME, and no one else. Although I may not have been promoted in the natural… God has promoted me in the spiritual, and in his set time it will be manifested in every aspect of my life!  (THANK YOU GOD).

I believe there is someone who will be drawn to this message that feels disappointed also.  Perhaps, you feel like all your hard work has been in vain.  Maybe you  feel that because they were passed up, overlooked, or neglected that you’re not worthy.  But today… on this Friday… “Devil, be it known that I am just going to wait right here until God Promotes me!”  I am at a time in my life where I believe that if it “isn’t God I don’t want it!”

 So today make time to spend with God! Praise him for all the times you were passed up!  Although you may have been passed up it was God’s way of freeing you up for YOUR blessing he has in store for you!    Today’s scripture is one of my favorite… and I believe that it fits with today’s meditation

Ephesians 3:20

 Now to Him he can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us!

Every time I hear this scripture my spirit leaps! It says that HE (God) can do exceedingly… abundantly… incalculably… inestimably… infinitely… immeasurably… more! And you know what?  It’s above (beyond) all that we can ask for… think… picture… dream… envision… imagine… And guess what? (this is my favorite part)… It works through YOU (yea YOU!)

So what if you were passed up, overlooked, rejected, not chosen… because you know that what you envisioned, and the God that you serve is going to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than that through YOU! I know that you may feel disappointed… some of you have been passed up for promotions, left in relationships, had to watch others be blessed while you wait, and the list can go on and on.  But I am here to tell you… “The longer you wait the Larger you will become!”

Let’s pray!

God we thank you for rescuing us, even when we did not know we needed rescuing. You know what is best for us and our lives; I thank you right now in advance.  God we ask that you forgive us for our sins, for doubting that you will provide. Give us the joy on the inside that we need to keep going.  Lord we need you right now! And we know that we cannot live without you! Amen!

 All love each and every one of you! Can you do me a favor? Pray for me!

  Growing larger,



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