Happy New Year everyone!  First let me apologize for not sharing with you on last week. I was on the road traveling from Texas to Michigan. I pray that you found time to meditate with God on last Friday.

This week has been a blessed week for me while in my hometown. But in the beginning of the week someone said something to me that literally hurt my feelings. Now I believe that it was more “who” said it than “what” was said. During a heated conversation the person said to me… “You were raised in a dysfunction family” That statement repeated so
much in my head throughout the night, I couldn’t even sleep.

Now the person probably didn’t totally understand the meaning of a dysfunctional family. Because we tend to label families dysfunctional when they do not consist of a mother and father raising their children together. I was raised in the home with my mother and her parents. Technically a dysfunctional family is one that has a lot of conflict,
abuse, neglect, etc. (I’m sure you can tell how much this hurt me because of the research that I  have done.)

But as I lay their crying in my bed, hurt God reminded me of the Baby Jesus. Who was born of a virgin and raised by Joseph who was not his father (technically). Born in a stable near animals and laid in a manger. And God said to me, “It doesn’t matter what situation you were born in, your future will be GREATER!”

And on this last Friday in 2010, God wants me (the girl who was conceived out of wedlock, the one whose father at 8 yrs old told her that his son would be better than her, the one that was told she would be a single mother like her mother and no one would want her) to remind you that you LATTER will be greater than your past! (I know someone felt something on the inside of them LEAP…. )

Job 8:7
“and though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end would greatly increase.”

I believe that this message will reach some young person that is being raised in a nontraditional home. A child who has been abused mentally or physically, or a child who has grown up with both parents in the home but they felt so all alone. There is a person whose mother or father has spoken DEATH into their futures, but I come today to let you know
that you shall LIVE. How do I know? Because I too was that little girl who wanted to be accepted by one of my parents. And time and time again DEATH has been spoken over me… But my Latter!

God wants you to know on today that it does not matter where you start.

It doesn’t matter if you were raised in a single parent home…your latter will be GREATER and I declare that you WILL not have children raised in the same situations.  It doesn’t matter if you were in foster care, adopted; don’t know who
your biological parents are… Your latter will be GREATER. And I declare that God will mend your broken pieces.

It doesn’t matter if you were born in poverty, never had the best clothes, never had enough to eat, or went without eating some nights as a kid…. Your latter will be GREATER. And I declare that God will never let you go to bed hungry again!

There is some young woman who will read this and have been abused sexually. God wants you to know on today that your latter will be GREATER. And I declare that God will turn your hurt into heroism and  from your testimony lives of other sexually abused young women will be changed. Selah!

There is some young man who has no clue of what it means to be a man. They had no father figure in their lives and they have tons of questions. And you are on the verge of making wrong decisions. God wants you to know that your latter will be GREATER! I declare that God will point you in the direction of a Great Man of God…

So don’t get upset when people point out where you began because your Latter will be GREATER than your past!

Let’s Pray!

Dear God we thank you today for our past! We thank you Lord that it does not matter where we are from, how we were born, who are parents are that we still have the ability to live in your abundance. God forgive us for despising our past at time, hiding our past, and covering up our past. Thank you for using us despite our small beginnings. Thank you for allowing us to see the last day of 2010. Thank you Lord and in Jesus Name Amen!




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