Giving God your all!

Good Friday! I believe that today God is requiring from us our ALL! So often we get caught up in the activities of the day, and even though we pray and spend time with him in the mornings, we allow him to slip away from our minds by the time we make it to lunch.  But in my personal meditation on today, I heard God say…. “Monica I want your ALL today!” I believe that is what God is requiring not just from me today but from everyone who shares in this weekly meditation.  He wants our ALL! I begin to think about the song by Forever Jones and then God lead me back to the Hymn book (I think we have forgotten about those songs… but they will take you there… trust me) I Surrender All to Jesus.  I believe that is what God wants from us today, many of us have already begun our day and we have planned out everything that we want to and need to get done today.  But, we have failed to realize that we need to give God our ALL….

 So on this Friday, spend time with God and ask yourself… “What if I give Him my ALL today?”

 Luke 22:42-43

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him.

Prior to this scripture, Jesus had just finished having the Last Supper with the disciples.  He then went to pray on the Mount of Olives.  Jesus was praying to his father and submitted himself to the will of God! After Jesus submitted to God’s will it says an angel came down from heaven and STRENGTHENED Him.  While reading the scripture I thought to myself… what if God never went to the mount to Pray? I encourage you to read Luke 22 and 23 in its entirety.  The scriptures show that after Jesus prays on the mount he was arrested soon after. This leads up to the betrayal, mocking, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. 

 Through this scripture I want us to see that God prayed, surrendered, and was strengthened.  God revealed to me had he not prayed and surrendered he would have never been STRENGTHED to go through the most significant task that he was called here on earth to do (DIE FOR OUR SINS).  And I believe that is a word for us on this FRIDAY.  You must PRAY, SURRENDER, and then GOD WILL STRENGTHEN you.  And in your strengthening you will be able to endure ALL that you have to go through to get to where God has brought you here to accomplish. We often wonder how Jesus was able to make it through all that he endured, but it was because he gave GOD his ALL!

 So what if you give God your ALL! What will happen if you pray and surrender to God EVERYTHING DAILY! What will you be able to accomplish?

 Many of you have been called for such as time as this! There are so many people who are waiting on you to give your ALL to Jesus; because once you give your ALL… you will lead them to Christ!

So this morning… ask yourself… What if I give HIM my ALL today? If you give him your all today, he may save your mother.  If you give him your ALL, he may heal your relationship with your father.  If you give God your ALL today, your Love one may walk away from their drug addiction.  If you give your ALL today, your child will have a blessed life.  If you give God your ALL today, your broken home will be put back together AGAIN! If you give him your ALL today, he will give you enough Strength to be healed from your broken heart! If you give God your ALL today he will strengthen your finances!

 So many people are wondering… why? Why is this happening to me? Why am I not seeing God’s work in my life? Why am I trying so hard, but always seem to fail? Can I tell you why? IT is because you have not given him your ALL!

 Once you give him your ALL today he will strengthen you to do the IMPOSSIBLE!

 So what if you give Him your ALL?

 Let’s Pray!

 God we come to you today first to say thank you! Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for us in our lives.  Lord, we know that you want our ALL, and today we give it ALL to you! We understand that we cannot make it without you! We understand that without you we will be NOTHING! Forgive us for our sins. Cleanse us and renew us that we may do everything that you have called us to do on today.  Lord you can have it ALL! It is in Jesus’ name that we pray! Amen!

Family, remember to give God your ALL!

 Praying and Surrendering,


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