For my good

 First let me apologize to those who utilize Friday Meditations as a part of your Friday Time with God.  All last week as I spent time with God I heard nothing concerning Friday Meditations.  Yesterday morning, I sat in front of my computer and said God what do you want me to meditate on with your people.  As I began to write and write and write, I heard God say is this what “I want you to say or you want to say?” So I hit delete.  All day Friday, I continued to petition God for a word.  When I woke up this morning, I began to work on an order of ties.  As I was cutting the fabric, I heard God say, “Tell them what was meant for their bad, I will make it for their good.”  I thought to myself, Friday is over now…  I guess that will be next Friday’s Meditation.  God said, NOW!

 So on this morning, Lets Meditate on Genesis 50:20

Genesis 50:20 (New King James Version)

  But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.


I believe that there is someone this morning that is reading this meditation that is feeling so much pain.  You have been hurt by people you thought were going to love you.  Someone has been hurt by a family member a close friend.  And there is someone who has been hurt by someone they trusted.  But God! He wants you to know on today that no matter what evil was done against you, I meant it for your Good.  

Not only does the scripture say that God meant it for good, but it goes on to say “in order to bring it about as it is this day”.  Not only did God mean it for your good, but guess what it? It was in his plan.  And you may not see it today, may not understand it tomorrow, but ONE day you are going to look back on your hurt and realize that there was a purpose!

In Genesis 50:20, the person who was saying this was Joseph and he was telling his brothers.  The same Joseph who had a dream that one day his brothers will bow at his feet.  The Joseph that was sold into slavery by his brothers.  The Joseph that was placed in prison because of something he did not do.  The same Joseph that interpreted the dreams of the prisoners and Pharaoh.   The Joseph who Pharaoh then allowed to rule over his house and over all the land. Oh and if you did not know, this is the same Joseph whose brothers bowed down at his feet years later.  They did not even recognize their little brother, but Joseph’s dream came to past.  

So why should you sit there and keep crying about what someone has done to intentionally hurt you? Because if God can turn Joseph’s situation around, I know he can do the same thing for you!  Had Joseph not been hurt, he wouldn’t be able to help so many people lives. 

I know today the pain has not worn off, I know that you feel like you are not going to make it another day, I know! But every time the enemy tells you that you are not going to get over this situation.  Tell him… God meant it for my Good!

Let’s Pray!
God we thank you for EVERYTHING that has happened in our lives.  Give us the wisdom to know that it was only for our good! God today we pray for all those who are hurt, that have not had a revelation that what occurred was for their good.  We pray for those that are on drugs trying to cover the hurt of a family member. God we pray for little girls who have been hurt by their fathers’ absence and are out there trying to find love in all the wrong places just to replace their hurt.  God we pray for the young men, who have no guidance and are in the world trying to prove their manhood.  God we pray that they all have a revelation that what was done for their evil you meant it for their Good! Let them come out of the crack house and the corner and find refuge in you.  God let their trials one day save the lives of those who are experiencing the same hurt.  God we thank you! We Honor You!  Thank you for meaning it for our good! God we give ourselves away to you this day.  We Love You! And refuse to live without you.  In your name we pray AMEN!

For My Good,


Please take the time out to share this meditation with someone else.  You never know who may need to hear from God. 


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