Your Faith Won’t Fail

Family, I believe that as Christians we are in a season of testing.  Last week I read a quote that stated, “The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” And I believe that many of us are experiencing a test of our faith, finances, relationships, and the list can go on any on. 

Last night at bible study, I heard a scripture that brought so much clarity to what I am experiencing in life at this moment.  And I believe that God is allowing some things to happen in our lives to see how much he can trust us.  Though God has allowed some things to be stirred up in our lives, in the end we will have the VICTORY.

So on this Friday, let us spend time meditating on the power of God’s Prayer. 

Luke 22: 31- 32

And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.”

 The word shows us that Peter always had something to say.  Peter was overzealous, and we see in this scripture that Satan obviously knew his potential.  Satan knew that one day, Peter who seemed FAITHLESS would be used to strengthen the FAITH OF OTHERS.  How many of you know that the enemy knows your potential?

The enemies knows your potential, he knows that if you make it out of this test, you are going to be a blessing to others.   He knows that if you make it out of this situation ALIVE you are going to take someone with you.  He knows that if you are healed from the pains of your past that you will help someone else.  He knows that if you stop being promiscuous you are going to encourage someone else to stop.  Satan knows that if you turn from homosexuality you are going to bring some people with you.  He knows that once you get out of debt, you are going to bless many people who are struggling financially.  The enemy knows that if you stick with this relationship, the God in you will change that person’s life.  The enemy knows… and that is why he is trying to sift (strain, separate, filter) you. 

He knows that if you stay away from the club, your friends are not going to go either.  He knows that if you stop drinking and smoking, that your friends will stop too.  The enemy knows…But the question is will you PASS or FAIL?

I know it seems so easy, and if you keep looking in Luke 22, Peter told God… “Who? Not me, I am READY… I will go to prison for you… I will die with you.”  And God told him, “not right now … you are going to deny me.” See God already knows our future, so he knows that though we are eager, many of times we are not ready.  But guess what? God has already prayed for us!

I have seen so many people, so many eager people, who are just like Peter say… “GOD I AM READY” But when life happens… when that friend calls them to go to the club… that man or woman calls them over… when that friend calls to gossip (ouch). They do just like Peter; FAIL. 

I believe that God had me to say all to let you know that though the enemy knows your potential, and even though God has allowed him to test you, and despite the fact you have failed some test,   Jesus has prayed for you!  (That should be a cue to worship God)  God already knew that you would fail, but God has prayed for you in advance.  He prayed that despite all you are going through (there goes that word through again) you will not lose your faith.

It is that prayer, God’s prayer that will keep you even when you do not want to be kept.  It is God’s prayer that is getting you through (The power of Through) the mess you are in.  It was God’s prayer that is keeping you safe during this season of test.  Though you have failed, failing, or feel like a failure… God’s prayer will keep you! And when it is all over, everything you have been through will help someone else during their test.  So this weekend, next week, everyday… Remember that God has already prayed for you! Although the enemy may try to sift everything that is around you, he will not take your FAITH.  Why? Because that is the power of God’s prayer.  And just like Peter, God has prayed that your Faith will not FAIL!

Let’s Pray!

God thank you for praying for me! Even though I am a mess right now, even though I am experiencing test, after test, after test, I know that because you have prayed for me in the end I will be victorious.  Lord, forgive us for our sins.  Cleanse us that we may be able to be filled up by you.  God use us and strength us.  Right now God we ask that you meet the needs of the people who are reading this meditation.  Bless them Lord, Cause Supernatural Favor to go before them on this day.  We pray God that they will NEVER be without your Favor God.  We know and understand that we cannot live without you.  Touch those who are hurting, allow them to know that you are in control of their lives and do everything for a reason.  We Love you Lord! In Jesus Name Amen!

 Well Family, I love you! Thank you for your prayers! I will continue to pray for you too!

Still Have My Faith,


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