by Monica E. Jackson


We are in the last Friday of the month of June, can you believe it? As I was reflecting on this month, I realized that I have FAILED so many tests this month.  I have not been all that I could be nor All God wants me to be.  So many things in my life shifted in the month of May and I was so glad to see that the month was over.  I thought June was going to bring a FRESH wind into my life.  But as I sought God this week, I realized that I couldn’t expect to be revitalized because I brought the “frustrated”, “tired”, “cranky”, “pissed off” Monica with me.

So I began to feel bad for myself on this week.  Ashamed that I found myself in a place “mentally” that I never thought I would be again.  (I must be really close to you all to share that!)  These past two months, I have been without a pastor, a spiritual guide, for the first time in almost 29 years of my life. Now it is not an excuse for my actions, but I will admit ever since I received the announcement that my church was closing I have been doing a downward spiral.  And have found myself at home in the bed for the past three Sundays.  (Pray for me)  I really felt like I was on the verge of hitting rock bottom.

But as I was in my office this week working and having my own personal praise and worship, I heard God say, FAILURE is NOT FINAL!

Lamentations 3: 22-24 (The Message Bible)

God’s loyal love couldn’t have run out, his merciful love couldn’t have dried up. They’re created new every morning. How great your faithfulness! I’m sticking with God (I say it over and over). He’s all I’ve got left.


Thank you Lord! I do not know if anyone else has felt like a failure this week. I do not know if anyone else has been LOST, totally confused about LIFE, because you did not follow the right path. Not knowing that things would work out this way, because you did them on your own.  Shocked that you are in the predicament that you never thought you would be in, because you failed. FAILING TEST after TEST after TEST! But just as God reminded me of Lamentations 3:22-24, I want you to know that EVERY MORNING you get up, God has New MERCIES (plural… more than one) waiting on you. 

What is Mercy? Mercy is compassion towards an offender! We offend God every day that we do not OBEY him.  Every day when we do it Our WAY! But, He shows us MERCY! And I do not know about YOU, but I am so grateful for His MERCY this month.  And the fact that God has forgiven me and allowed me to be in His Presence on this week and on today.  Like Jeremiah, I declare, that “I am sticking with God.  He’s all I’ve got left.”

So lift up your head! I know you are ashamed that you failed the test! I know you thought you would never find yourself in the place where you are right now.  But just remember that FAILURE is NOT FINAL… because God has given you New MERCIES on today!

Let’s Pray!

God we repent of our sins on this morning.  Everything we have said; everything we have done; everything we have thought, we ask that you forgive us on today.  We give our minds, our thoughts, our bodies, our lives over to you on today.  We stand in boldness right now and declare that our Failures are not FINAL! And we thank you Lord, that when everyone else leaves, you are faithful to stand in the gap.  We thank you Lord that EVERY MORNING, you give us a new chance. God we are nothing without You.  We can’t do anything without you.  But most of all you Are EVERYTHING to us! God we thank for being Jehovah Tsidkenu (you wipe our slates clean). Thank you Lord that you wipe our slates clean. You are FAITHFUL to us! And Lord our desire is to be as faithful to you! We give you honor, we give you glory.  We submit ourselves, our will, our LIVES to you! And it is in your Son, Jesus’ name that we pray on today! Amen and Thank God!


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