Don’t be a Fool!

This Friday is April Fool’s Day. The day that people play tricks and pranks on one another. I can remember as a kid thinking of all the tricks I would play on my classmates and teachers throughout the day.  However, as we mature, April Fool’s Day is not as important to us as it once was. 
The definition of a fool is one who is deficient in judgment or acts unwisely on a given occasion.  But God has a different definition of fool.  And I believe that God wants me to share in meditation with you on this April Fool’s Day… “Don’t Be A FOOL!”
Psalm 14:1
“The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.”
It perplexes me that there are still people in 2011 that do not believe that there is a God. And I know that with everything going on in the world today, it may be difficult to see God. The sad thing is that we want to take God out of everything in the United States.  Fools want his name off money, the Pledge of Allegiance, and not to mention how we have allowed them to take prayer out of everything. Sometimes I wonder who is really the fool? Christians who sat back and allow it to happen or the people who believe that there is No God!  With everything that is going on in the WORLD today, it saddens me how we think that our land will live in prosperity if we take God out of everything we do.  Oh yeah, we know that there is a separation between church and state, but that is why so many states are in economic hardship, because they want to separation from GOD! “Don’t Be A FOOL!”
I believe that if we take a microscopic view of what is happening in our lives, we can’t help but to see God. Every day I see people that I could have been. Today I spent the day at a group home. As I listened to the young people I couldn’t help but to think, “this could have been me”. Many of them whose beginnings were no different from mine—Born out of wedlock, raised with grandparents in the home, mother worked majority of the time. I know that in today’s world I am not alone; but “DON’T BE A FOOL” you didn’t make it because of yourself… It was GOD!
Yesterday Praise 92.1 radio station had a fundraising for St. Jude and to hear the stories of how young people with cancer, all the research efforts, and the love in the organization, I couldn’t  help but to see God. A woman talked about how she longed for a child and was blessed with one, but the child was sick and eventually died. But the women talked about how she grew to love Christ even more because of the child he gave her. She said that God sacrificed her salvation with her child! That’s God!
I heard a story on the radio about a month ago; I am not sure if I shared it with you all. But a lady was in a major car accident, she was t-boned. But she was able to get out of her car and felt fine. When she went to the hospital for observation to ensure everything was okay, the doctors did not understand how she was walking around. The lady had nerve damage so severe that she should have been paralyzed from the neck down. She had surgery and the doctor told her she would be in recovery for weeks, but in a few days she walked out the hospital. That’s God!
This morning when you woke up and made it to your job in the midst of high unemployment rates… Don’t be a Fool… That was God!
Some of you may be unemployed, but when you woke up in a bed and not in a homeless shelter… That’s God!
There may even be someone homeless, but when you woke up in the shelter and not in a psychiatric hospital because of all you have experienced in life… That’s God!
If you ever think there is no God, just take a look at your life. You may be skinny or fat, black or white, light skin or dark skin, short or tall, cute or curious, long or short hair… The fact that you know who you are and have not LOST your MIND… That’s God!
 The one thing that I have learned is there is only one thing we can do for January through December Fools (you will catch that later)…is pray for them!  There is someone out there today, who do not believe there is a God.  Have we shown them the God in us? Have we prayed that God reveals Himself to them? Have we given them an example of how Christ has changed our lives?
The word of God says, “They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.” I am so glad that God revealed this scripture to me in the midst of problems I had on this week.  This scripture changed my mindset, my atmosphere, my attitude.  It made me realize exactly why a person was doing something to try to sabotage my character.  How can they do good, when they say there is no God? And God showed me that the only thing I can do is pray and show them the God in me! No need to fight, I’m just going to stand on the battle grounds like Jehoshaphat (that is another meditation for another day)… but in case you don’t know, He won and never had to fight.  Now that is Definitely GOD!
So as this April Fool’s Day winds down for you, who will you share this mediation with? Who needs to know God but does not? Will you show them God? Will you pray for them or fight against their evil ways?
Let’s Pray!
Dear God we thank you that you reveal yourself to us in the most precious ways. Thank you that we have the sense to recognize you! Thank you that when you revealed yourself, you gave us the mind to understand. On today we pray for everyone who does not believe that you exist. In your word you said that they are corrupt in their deeds, and I speak they shall be set free from that stronghold of disbelief.  God we pray that something supernatural happens in their life, that they cannot help but to say there is a GOD.  We pray for the man who wants to go to the Supreme Court because his daughter has to say “Under God” in the pledge allegiance. Lord we ask that you show up and reveal yourself to him on today.  We speak it in the atmosphere that he shall be a believer!  And God we pray for everyone who sees fit to fight against your presence in America on today.  God give those who know you the strength to stand against all those who are deceived! We don’t persecute them, but we pray for them today.  We pray for our coworkers who do not believe in God.  We pray for our family members who do not believe in God.  We pray for all of those who once believed but have stopped or transferred their beliefs.  We pray that they come running back to God! Show up in their lives so that they cannot help but know and recognize that it is you who have rescued them.  We thank you in advance for those whose minds will be changed.  We thank you in advance for those who will learn to do good and not live lives of corruption.  God we Love You! We adore you and there is no one in this world like you! And if no one else believes we declare that WE SHALL BELIVE IN YOU!
In Jesus Name we Pray! Amen!

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