Good Morning, It is Friday once again! The day that the Lord has made, so despite of how we feel on today, be sure to give God some praise. (Do It NOW!)

After church on Sunday, we went to dinner and at the table my mom was talking about how I was when I was growing up. She began to tell how she would always have to come up to GESU, a Catholic School where I attended from 1st-8th grade. She said I “always was in trouble for my mouth” and how “I was always fighting”. Her stories made me reflect on how awesome God is, how he can take someone whose words and actions use to hurt and use them now to heal. I thank God right here for the change that he has done in me. Though I am not what I should be, I thank God that I am not what I use to be (does anyone feel me). If God had not changed me, there is no telling what or where I would be today.

But can I be real with you all on today? Lately, I have been faced with a few challenges. Some situations that have ALMOST pulled me back… but I refuse to be the Monica that went to Mercy High School, the Monica that after I curse you out, you would not even think about fighting me. (I pray through my honesty someone is challenged to change) I believe that the only reason why I have faced a few challenges these past couple of weeks is because God wants me to help someone today realize that they are no longer the same person. I believe that some man or woman of God is on the verge of acting UP and OUT; because of the way someone is treating you, talking to you, or challenging your commitment to God.

But on today, we are going to gather together and come in agreement through this meditation. That we are not the same!

II Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away behold all things are become new.

The apostle Paul is talking to the church at Corinth about reconciliation. Another word for reconciliation is compromise. I believe people of God that we must learn to compromise. For some of us, not reacting negatively to people is a COMPROMISE! Not telling someone how you really feel is a COMPROMISE! As Christians we are CALLED to COMPROMISE from sin! These past couple weeks I have reflected so many times about how God has changed me. I have faced some many challenges where I had to COMPROMISE. Times where I wanted to give someone a piece of my mind, but God said if you give them a piece of your mind, you will lose a piece of yourself. Has the God on the inside of you ever just said “HUSH”? Those times you just wanted to say, but the God on the inside of you would not let you. That’s because you are NEW.

Can I tell you that this is just a test—one that you are going to pass with flying colors? God is searching for some men and women of God who will COMPROMISE how they feel, COMPROMISE what they are thinking. You are CALLED to COMPROMISE from sin. I believe that some people will challenge you just to see if you are really IN CHRIST. Some people will test you, in hopes that you fall short. In your compromise God is also using you to CHANGE other people. I pray that someone who knows the old Monica will say today if he can change HER he can change ANYONE!

Some of you have been wondering why you feel different. Why you cannot go to the club anymore; why you cannot drink and smoke anymore; why you can’t sleep around anymore, why you can’t curse people out anymore, why you can’t fight anymore… Can I tell you why? Because that old stuff (junk) no longer resides in you. It has passed away.

Now for those who think that your relationship with God is fine; and for those who think that they are IN Christ, but are still able to do things outside of God’s will and NOT feel convicted… can I tell you the truth? You are NOT in Christ. Because Paul tells us that if we are in Christ Old things are PASSED AWAY. And if those things that are not of God are still alive in you… then you need to check your relationship with God. Today, I offer Christ to you on today. Let go of your past, because where God is taking you… you do not need it. HE wants more of you today. COMPROMISE for God on today.

Let’s Pray!

God, first we ask that you forgive us for our sins. We are sorry God for going outside of your will on this week. Lord, we come to you thanking you! We thank you for waking us up this morning, placing clothes on our back and food on our tables. God we thank you for allowing us to be NEW! I thank God that we are NEW! BRAND NEW! FRESH start NEW! OFF the rack NEW! Lord you are amazing and we thank you for taking people like us— thieves, liars, fornicators, cheaters, abortionist, murderers, prostitutes, idolaters, abuser and making us NEW. Thank you for transforming us, and allow what you have changed in us to be a light to someone else. You have given us so many fresh starts and Lord we give it ALL TO you today. Lord we will serve you with our lives. Give us the strength to continue to walk in Newness. Remind us that we are not what we use to be; thank you God for changing us! We need you Lord! We Love you Lord! It is in your name that we pray AMEN!

Well family, remember that God wants it ALL today! Pray for me as I pray for you!




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