Cleaning House!

Have you ever seen the show Clean House? Well this week, they showed a family whose relationships and family structure was falling apart because of the amount of “junk” they had in their homes. This house was a MESS! Every room including the kitchen was packed with things that the mother and father purchased. The mother was addicted to purchasing things from the home shopping networks. The father, who worked as flight attendant, would bring home things for his family to show his love in his absence. For their yard sale, they had to utilize an abandon warehouse because the family had over 200 boxes of things, furniture, and clothing. At the end of the yard sale this family made over $19,000 for the “junk” and ironically found over $5,000 of money, bills and coins lying around the house. I watched this show in amazement to house so much “junk” was allowing their family structure to fall apart. The parents were even talking about divorce.

After watching the show, God revealed to me that many of us need to CLEAN HOUSE! So this week, spend a few minutes asking God to clean your house!

Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. The hearts is a symbol of our spirituality, emotions, and morality. It is the core of our being, it is our HOUSE. And many of us just like the family on the show, our hearts are a MESS! They are filled with junk! Junk! We have “purchased” to compensate for the voids that have been placed in our lives.

The lady on the show had purchased things that she never opened; still in the shipping box. And just like her, many of us have items that we have bought, or have been given to us that have never been opened, but are cluttering up the place. How so? There is someone right now that have been hurt and abused, and they have never dealt with it. You refuse to allow the pain of your past to stop you, but unconsciously you have built up a wall. You have boxed up those memories, refusing to deal with them. You have just left them there, thinking that if I don’t deal with them they will go away. But sooner or later you are going to have to allow God to heal you. You are going to have to let God come in a clear all those boxes away. You think that the best way to deal with your problems is to keep them boxed up and never open them. But I hear God saying today, I will clean your HOUSE if you let me!

Today, I dare you to cry out to God Psalms 51:10! Because God will cleanse your heart and renew a RIGHT spirit in you on today! If you do not allow God into your hearts, sooner or later your house will be unbearable. But for those who allow God to come into their house he will do a NEW work! (Thank you LORD)

The family on the show not only had a messy house, but their house was deadly. In the basement they had to throw away EVERYTHING, because of black mold. The mold was so toxic that they could have been harming themselves and their children. I hear God telling someone that your basement is toxic, but if you throw everything away— all your junk he will RENEW you! From their cleaning up came a reward. Not only did they get a CLEAN House, their house was renewed (remodeled), and they brought structure into their home (cleaning schedule and chores).

So on today, if you need God to Clean House, get into his presence, and ask him. But remember just like the family, you are going to have to do some work, structuring, and be willing to give things away. Even those things that are boxed up!

Let’s Pray!

God on today, I come to you as your humble servant. Asking that you come into our lives and give us a clean heart! Lord, we are tired of living in a filthy house. We need you to come in a change some things, coordinate some things, fix some things, clear out some junk. Lord we know that we cannot do it without you on today. Clean our house! Give us a Clean Heart. God it is our desire to follow you, and we know that without a clean house it will be impossible to follow you. So today Lord, clean us up and give us a right spirit. In Jesus name we pray! Amen!

Cleaning House,



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