Can you SEE?

Last night I dreamed that something was wrong with my left eye. I have had these dreams before but it has been awhile since the last time. In the dream I would lose sight in my left eye. If I blinked my eye would remain closed and I would have to pry it open with my hands in order to get it to open. During the dream, I ran to the mirror and my eye was wide open, but yet I could only see out of my right eye. As I woke up this morning, I prayed and asked God the meaning. I heard him so clearly say someone is having vision problems. (You will get it in a minute.)

So today, I believe that God wants us to meditate on… “Can you see”?

Habakkuk 2:1-3
“I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

This year, many of us have already declared that in 2010 we will WIN! But the question I have for you today is how will you win? What race are you running? What end result do you plan on having on December 31, 2010?  Can you see? Does your eye need to be pried open? Or is it open but you cannot see? Will you be  like Habakkuk— sit and watch to see what God has to say?

Habakkuk was a righteous man; he was tired of everything unrighteous that was going on around him.  In the first chapter he asked God “How long will I call for help, and you not hear me? And God answered him.  Although Habakkuk accepted God’s answer, he did not like it. (doesn’t that sound just like us… we ask God to speak to us and then when he tells us something we don’t want to believe it.. well maybe it’s just me!)  God told Habakkuk not to worry about the Babylonians. What I want you to do is Write the Vision and make it plain.

I believe that as Christians we too are tired of everything that is going on around us! All the murder, injustice, homosexuality, fornication, cheating, lying, cursing, backbiting, molestation, rape… everything that is out of the will of God… we too are like Habakkuk tired of the unrighteous.  We ask, “When will people get it together?”  When will God hear our prayers to heal the world? But God is telling you today… to stop worrying about the Babylonians.  Stop worrying about what other people are doing with their lives… I (God) have it all in control.  So stop worrying… and just as I (God) gave Habakkuk a vision I (he) has given you one.

Can you see it? I know God has ordained some of you to be visionaries and you sitting in the same spot you were two years ago when God gave you a vision.  You are worrying about everything round…worried about what other people are going to think, or say, or do! Worrying about the economy… But today God is telling you that if you write the vision, everyone that reads it MAY run. How many of you know that everyone is not going to be happy about the things God has told you about your future? Everyone is not going to have your back.  Everyone is not going to flourish off your vision… they MAY!
But God then goes on to say that the vision is for an appointed time (it may be your time right now… but can you see?).  Your vision may not be for right now, but Guess what? In the end it shall happen (speak and not lie).  For some of you God has given extraordinary visionS (yes capital letter S). VisionS that may take awhile to manifest, it may tarry… but here comes that word again… WAIT for it.  God then says and though you may have to wait it will come and not linger.  (You are probably thinking what God?) So you are telling me that it will tarry… and to wait… and it will definitely come… and then but it will not tarry? But I thought you said it will?

Well I believe that God is saying yes you will have to wait… but your wait will not last forever. (Someone should be ready to shout right now, because you have been waiting and waiting and waiting)
Can you see? Write the Vision.  He has given it to you and there may be someone out there who is living in unrighteous… who needs to know your vision, so that they too shall run with it.  Maybe God has given you a vision of owning your own company, write it down, you never know you may hire someone who is trying to change their life around from drugs and your company will give them a second chance.  God may have given you a vision to own a group home… to help young people stay off the street and save them from unrighteousness.  Maybe God has given you a vision to write a book… and your book will one day save the life of someone ready to commit suicide.  Maybe God has given you a song… and that song will help someone turn from homosexuality… fornication… lust…

God just showed me something! Let me share something with you.  When God gives you a vision, it is not for you! It is not for you to be a superstar… it’s not for you to be a show off! If God has given you a vision and you are thinking “this vision is going to help ME make it to top!” Then guess what… that is why you are still waiting.  If you are thinking… “Baby when this happen, they are going to hate on me!”… God is going to keep you waiting, until you realize that HIS vision is not for you.  But to HELP someone else who needs it most!

STOP worrying about the BABYLONIANS and WRITE the VISION…. Can you see? Your Vision will change the unrighteous.  When His vision becomes more about HIM and less about you… then it will come to pass!

Can you see?

Let’s Pray!
God thank you for your word on today! Thank you for using Monica (me) to share this meditation from you Lord. God, thank you for entrusting me with YOUR visions for my life! God I want this to be more about you and less about me.  God I will write the vision! I will make it plain.  God I trust no matter how long I have to wait, because you said in your word that even though I have to wait, my wait won’t be forever and I trust your word Lord! God you are an awesome God.  Lord and if you do not do anything else for me, Lord you have done enough.  We thank you God on today! We Love you! Amen!

Family, I love each and every one of you.  Thank you for sharing with me on today. Do me a favor…. Stop and pray for me!

Adjusting my Focus (Can you SEE),


Copyright ©2010 Monica E. Jackson.  All rights reserved.

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