This morning God has given me a tough task. He has commanded me to speak on a subject that keeps so many people from their destiny. A subject that if not addressed, it carries people down a dangerous path in life. It is a subject that will be a hindrance or a road block to your destiny. It is the reason why so many people are in prisons, mental institutions, incarcerated in their own homes (and I’m not talking about house arrest), have gender identity issues, sexual orientation issues, overweight, pessimistic attitudes, broken homes, low self esteem, abusive, and whatever issue you may be dealing with just add it.

When I sought God’s face for this week’s meditation topic, I did not think I too would be challenged with this during the week. I was ready to throw in the towel, all because of someone’s (close to me) actions. I told God, I know what you have instructed me to do… but this task is not for me. It’s too difficult…I keep getting hurt… I am your child too, God… what am I getting out of this. It is too difficult for me to try and accomplish, especially when there are so many other things that I (deliver me from selfishness, Lord) need… Things that I want… Places I want to Go! And I said to myself, I am wasting my time. In all honesty I stood before God telling him that I refuse to move forward in this situation. (The nerves of me!)

And it was then that He told me, “Monica, don’t I forgive you? So why can’t you forgive them?” But I did not listen at the time; there was so much hurt built up, anger, and even thoughts of vengeance. Later in the week I had a long session with one of my clients. Everything that she has not forgiven people for doing in her past has gotten her to the point that she cannot see her future. After our long in depth counseling session, I heard God tell me, “Monica, do not let NOT forgiving block you from your destiny.”

So on this Friday, I will ask you to meditate on two things… Have you refused to forgive someone? And how has it blocked you path? Matthew 6: 14-15 NIV For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

I think the scripture on today needs no explanation. Jesus said it… and it is SO! And I do not know about you people of God, but I have sinned against God so much, that I cannot afford not to be forgiven. (Please do not tell me I am the only one) I have stumbled onto the pathways of so many HURT people in my lifetime. I can name so many people, whom I have watched suffer from hurt and un-forgiveness. Many of them think they have it together, but it’s like a bad odor; you can it smell miles away—how you treat people, how you talk to people, the things you say, your sensitivity level, your body language, your attitude, and your facial expressions (Ouch God… I know that was for me).

And it’s so sad to see people who want to pretend that they are okay! “He did not hurt me”… BLOCKED! “Forget Her” …BLOCKED! “I am past that”… BLOCKED! “I have moved forward”… BLOCKED! “They cannot hurt my feelings”… BLOCKED! And although you think you are over it, you have forgotten to do that very thing that can help you the most—FORGIVE! Forgiveness is not for the one who hurt you, forgiveness is for you!

For so many years, I walked around with a chip on my shoulder; I refused to get close to people who weren’t family or in my immediate circle— afraid to trust, afraid to make too many friends… and it all steamed from one thing— lack of Forgiveness.

Can I tell you something on today? I know that they hurt you… but do yourself a favor and forgive them. I believe there are so many people that are moments from their destiny. So many people who are on the right path… so many people who are getting closer to where God wants them to be, but they have hit a wall. BLOCKED—a wall so tall they cannot go over it, around it, or under it…. that wall is your pain. And guess what? That wall can come down today if you do one thing… FORGIVE! The old saying still remains true—Hurt people Hurt people. That’s why they hurt you because they have not forgiven people in their past that hurt them. And if you refuse to forgive you will do the same to someone else. Unforgiveness is an epidemic that has destroyed families, communities, churches, and individuals.

And I do not know about you people of God, but I refuse to allow the enemy to destroy anything else in my life. Have you been wondering why things have not been working out for you lately? Have you been wondering why every time you try to accomplish something you cannot? Well maybe it is because God has not forgiven you. Yea you have repented. You have said Lord forgive me for my sins. But he is telling you today, I have yet to forgive you because you have not forgiven. Without forgiveness you can forget about WINNING in 2010. Will you forgive her today? Will you forgive him today? Because God is waiting right here to forgive you!

Let us pray!

Lord God today, I forgive ____________(insert the person or persons name that has hurt you) Give me the strength to forgive them even though they have hurt me, manipulated me, left me to fend for myself, walked away, talked about me, mistreated me. God give me the strength to love that person regardless of what they have done. Give me the knowledge to understand why they hurt me Lord. And God give me the words to say to encourage them and help despite of what they have done to me Lord. Lord then can you forgive me for the people I have hurt. The people I have done wrong to and place it on their hurts to forgive me God. Give us a heart Lord after your will. God we need you today. We without you we cannot make it through this forgiving process. Lord thank you for being God in our lives and it is in your name that we pray today. Amen.

Well people of God, be blessed and pray for me as I pray for you.

Forgiving you,



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