by Monica E. Jackson


I remember this guy I use to date, I use to argue with him all the time (Yes I can admit it was me not him).  One day while arguing he said, “I have never met someone so beautiful that is so UGLY on the inside!” I will admit that comment hurt my feelings (and this is the first time I have publically admitted it).  But instead of trying to change, I tried to wear it like a badge of honor, one of those “you need not to mess with me” badges.  God showed me this week, that every day we hang our hang-ups on a badge (some people have so many badges on you can’t see their shirt anymore).  And we wear them as if they are his will for our lives.

Badges are significant in identifying who we are, or what we do. God showed me that some people have some invisible badges, just like the one that I use to wear.  These badges identify who we are pretending to be.  But I can say today that my purpose in life is not to be that person I use to be.  I want to be who God has called me to be! Every day God teaches me how to be more like him.  And I pray that everyone who reads this get to the point where they are tired of fighting God, and pinning up badges! For so long I have fought God, but now just like David my prayer is, Lord Teach me your Ways!

That was my prayer on this week, and God showed me that so many people need to meditate on David’s prayer.

Psalm 86:11a 

 Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth.

God will take your Badge of bad attitude, your badge of hurt, your badge of guilt, your badge of jealousy, your badge of wrong doings, your badge of manipulation, your  badge of fornication, your badge of laziness, whatever badge that you are wearing and teach you how to do things HIS way! He will give you a badge of HONOR!

So many people think that they are unchangeable.  But let me tell you all those things about yourself that you think are UNCHANGEABLE…. all the things you have told yourself…  “This is who I am!” “NOBODY can change me!” “I am who I am!” “I get it from my mama!” “I got it honest!” “I’m going to ALWAYS do ME!”  “I can’t be a fake!” (All of these sayings are the pins that continue to hold your badge up) when God gets on the inside of you, his ways will shine through.  And all those ways that you think cannot be changed God will teach you how to change them.

There are so many things that live within us that are not like Christ.  All of us are trying to fight one demon at a time.  But God showed me that if I just ask him to TEACH me his way, I can work on every one of my issues at the same time. While in God’s presence, I asked Him, Lord why did I have to be the way I was? Why did I have to hurt so many people’s feelings? Why did I have to use my mouth for evil and not good? God showed me that my change will show people that God can do anything but fail! He will give you a new Badge, that the world will be able to identify the Good in you!

So what is holding you back from what God has promised you on today? Is it because you want things to be your way? Have you refused to submit your MOUTH to God’s way (you can’t say what you really want to say) Have you refused to submit your HEART to God’s way (you can’t hate people like you do) Have you refused to submit to God’s will for your life (you can’t do the things that are outside of God’s will and expect to be blessed) There are so many people who have so much potential! But they refuse to ask God to “Teach me your way Lord!

But will you ask him today? Will you take off your badge? He will give you a new one!

Let’s Pray!

God we come to you today first confessing our sins.  We know that we do not always live up to your expectations.  God give us the strength to live your way.  God give us the strength to take off all the badges that identify us, that are not like you Lord.  Teach us your ways God.  Because as long as we are in your ways, it is the truth! Lord, we love you and we know that we cannot live without you in our lives. Give us a heart like yours, give us a mind like yours, and give us your will for our lives. Take out everything that is not like you, right now today Lord.  And we will continue to give your name all the honor and Glory.  In Jesus name we pray! Amen!



I pray that you receive this message on today!

©2010 Monica E. Jackson


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