Not Lookin’ Back!

This week, the character of someone very close to me was portrayed in a negative light. Sadly, the people who were talking and commenting about this person were people that should be close to them. When I read the information on one of the social networks, I was even upset about the lie that was stated about the person.  Well just like everything posted on social networks, nothing said is a secret. And the person found out this morning about the information posted. This morning, as I talked with the person, trying to encourage them, put a smile on their face, and help them calm down, God gave me three words to say to this person… “Don’t Look Back!” After speaking with them, I realized that this is what God wants us to meditate on today. Suddenly, I was pulled away to attend a training in someone’s place. But just in case that was the enemy’s attempt to distract, let me let him know he failed!

Don’t Look Back!

Genesis 19: 26
But Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.

Now Lot and his family lived in Sodom. And for those who do not know Sodom and Gomorrah was synonymous to sin. They were places were sin dwell and everything that you can imagine that was outside of God’s will happen there. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because he was so furious with what occurred there. In verses 5 and 6 some men came to Lot’s door and asked for his male guest, because they wanted to have “sport with them” (the Message Bible). (And people think that open homosexuality is new in this generation)

God showed favor to Lot. Two angels of God told Lot that God was going to destroy the city of Sodom; to take his family and flee.  As they were leaving, God told Lot to RUN to the mountains and DON’T LOOK Back.  Lot was afraid for what was ahead of him. He even told God who knows what can happen to me. But even though he was afraid, he obeyed.  But Lot’s wife looked back and turned into a Pillar of salt.

If you noticed in the text and even in Luke when Lot’s wife was mentioned no name was ever given. As I studied to find her name, God said her name was not important but the fact that she didn’t trust God is significant.

God wants you and the person who was defamed to know that God has shown you mercy and favor from your past. God has shown Mercy for everything that you have been through, and everything that you have done. He has
allowed you to flee from destruction. And even when people’s actions try to pull you back Keep RUNNING to safety! Never did they say Lot stopped top save his wife. Never did the word say that Lot looked back to see was his wife on his side. Her actions did not stop him from obeying. And I hear God saying don’t let someone else’s actions keep
you from obeying HIM! DON’T LOOK BACK!

Can you imagine that Pillar of Salt just standing there outside the destroyed city. I believe that God made her a pillar to remind us of what happens when you look back! I have met clients clean for 20 years and they looked back and now can’t stay clean for 20 minutes. DON’T LOOK BACK!

So wherever, whatever, whomever God has saved you from and the destruction that was getting ready to come into your life from just being there… RUN! And Don’t Look Back!

Let’s Pray!

God, first please forgive us of all of our sins. Sins of omission and commission! Lord, give us the strength to not look back even when we are afraid to run forward. Give us the strength to love those who persecute us. Give us the strength to love people who defame our character and try to pull us back! We will not Go Back, but we will continue to RUN forward! God we Love you! We thank you for showing favor to us and allowing us to run to safety. It is in your name that I pray.  Amen and Thank God!



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