Who are you following?

This week I contemplated starting a Twitter page. I begin to look around on twitter and noticed some of my associates who have a page. I always hear people on facebook saying follow me on twitter, but it was not until I searched it that I understood (yea I am getting old… LOL!). I did not know that people actually follow you and you follow people in their day to day lives. Well needless to say, I am still debating on my need for a page. But after searching, God asked me who will you follow? In this season I do not take anything that God asks me lightly, and my answer was YOU LORD!

So on this Friday, I hear God asking the people who share in this weekly meditation…who will YOU FOLLOW?

Matthew 4:19-20 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” At once they left their nets and followed him.

I don’t know about you, but growing up being a FOLLOWER is not what I desired to be. I always wanted to be the leader. Whether it was rushing to the door in Elementary to make sure I was at the front of the line to LEAD or making sure my friends in the neighborhood would come to “my house” to play (that meant you were in charge for the day LOL!). It was not until my high school years that I begin to understand leadership. All of my leadership abilities that I possess, I owe to some great women and men who I had the privilege to FOLLOW. It was them that taught me in order to be a GREAT Leader, you must first learn to FOLLOW. How can you lead people, who have never seen you be a great FOLLOWER? Always wanting things to go, “your way”, “my ideas”, “my goals”, “Me”, “I”, but never really wanting to submit to the VISION of those who are in authority. Sitting back not doing anything, frustrated because you are not in charge.

I have always been able to recognize this in the natural, Followers submit to their Leaders. But God showed me in the spiritual and shined a new light on the topic. Who will you follow? When we will just TOTALLY submit to the VISION of the one who is in AUTHORITY over your life? When will you realize that you cannot ALWAYS have things “your way”? Sometimes “my ideas” do not matter. Majority of the time “my goals” don’t get accomplished. It’s not always about “ME”. Who am “I”? God says, I have ordained you to be a leader, but when it comes to your life you must follow me! How can you follow someone day to day and not follow the one who allows you to live from day to day? How can you allow people to follow you and you are not following CHRIST?

I hear God saying, “BEWARE of those who you FOLLOW, because everyone who leads is not led by the Spirit of GOD!” So who will you FOLLOW? I do not know about you, but I am going to FOLLOW God! I encourage you today to be like Simon Peter and Andrew and just leave your net (and all the stuff you have tangled in that net) behind and Follow Jesus!

Let’s Pray! First God we come to you asking that you forgive us of ALL our sins. Everything that we have done this week that is against your will for our lives, we ask that you strip it away. Cleanse us God, make us new on today. God we GIVE ourselves away to you today, that you may use us! Lord we want to follow you! Lord, we WILL Follow you! Give us the strength to keep following the vision that you have for our lives. God we know that with you in the lead, everything that comes in our way will only be temporary. We love you Lord! We Honor you on today! It is in your name we pray… Amen and Thank God!

Leaving my Net behind, MEJ!


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