The Father’s Whispers



As I gradually descend through the bowels of my mother’s womb, instantly,   I’m engrossed by an overwhelming feeling of pure love; I see nothing, I only feel,  sense, and hear.

As I surpass the uterus, suddenly, I begin to hear a voice. It was a voice which seemed to embrace me within it’s sweet presence; a voice so Powerful,   yet Peaceful, so Thunderous, yet Tender, as it begin speaking at a tremendously reduced volume only to match the capacity of my tiny right ear.

Softly,……so very tender,…I heard these words… “I am your God, I am your Creator, I am your Heavenly Father. Of all the great things I’ve created, YOU are my greatest,..of all the great miracles I’ve performed, YOU are my greatest, with all the love herewith I’ve loved.   I’ve loved none greater than I LOVE YOU.  My love for you is far greater than any mortal could ever begin to comprehend. I’ve created you not with a sinful nature, but with a pure and righteous one as the very nature of myself, only you are wrapped in a sinful shell,…I AM WRAPPED IN HOLINESS. I am bringing you forth to not entangle yourself with the affairs of earthly matters, for this place is not your home, but your “Journey of Discovery and Evolution”,…your school ground,…it is your “University of the Highest Learning.” As you develop, so also shall your sin begin to surface,… separating us and causing amnesia of this very moment;  this my child you must know. With my leading, along with the various gifts I’ve bestowed upon you, shall go forth and lead mankind unto me.” He then whispered my specific purpose and number of men I’m to reach. “Beware of the evil one, as he stands in opposition to our cause of “Selfishness to Selflessness;” he will surely dispatch his contrasting forces causing you to experience moments of misfortune and heartache during moments of your earthly time, but know that I am with you and will not permit him to overtake you and steal your hope, neither will he steal your joy, for the root of such lies within me. My child you must know, for every moment of evil that pays you visit, good is ALWAYS it’s end  result, only you must choose to recognize it. Choose to focus and act upon the “Good of Evil,” for in doing so, you will surely frustrate and confuse our opposition, causing him great apprehension with his next plan of attack, he will again attack, only from a different angle. In the history of all wars, we are in the only one that is not fought with weapons of the tangible and has already been won, the degree of evil within “the foolish one” is so great that it has completely overtaken his sense of common logic, causing him to think that I can be defeated,..I simply laugh. My child, you must know,..regardless  of what  you must endure,…as sure as the beautiful bright sun I’ve created to rise at dawn’s kiss shall,… so also shall your heavy load rise from you in the morning if only you’d choose to wait… my child,…although at times it will not seem,..“YOUR TRIALS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY.”

Then finally, he whispered,..”choose Good over Bad,..choose Righteousness over Sin, choose Home over Hell. Complete the mission assigned you, then you may return unto your heavenly home and continue with us. Until our reunion,…Come Forth My Child,… Go,..Learn, Lead, Love,..LIVE!  Suddenly, I felt the impact of cold rubber hands against my bottom,…I screamed, I yelled,…I cried,……WE ALL CRIED.

 –Dan Carter  (aka  Dan “Dahsoulman” Carter,  originally created in 2/92, revised 11/09)

You may also go to  and see the video, just type in it’s title.


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