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“The Lord gives the word of power; the women who bear and publish the news are a great host”  —Psalm 68:11

Welcome to the Writing World and Publishing Power of

Evangelist Queen E. Franks Phillips

The History

In 1996  Queen Phillips started Majestic Publications as a desktop publishing service company.  Her creativity and artistic skills emerged when she was hired by a desktop publishing small business owner at a critical time in her life.  Her years of experience in the desktop publishing field afforded her the necessary training, tools and development to catapult her into what she calls divine purpose.

 In September 2002, Majestic Publications expanded and evolved into an online Christian writing ministry.  Emphasis was placed on the inspirational power of the written word, and the need for encouragement through the written word.  Consequently, the publisher began her literary journey.   Since that time, she has written and published articles, short stories, vignettes, newsletters, commentary, op-eds, poetry, blogs and a variety of print publications as the publisher of Majestic Publications.  What started as a local small print desktop publishing venture is indeed a “worldwide” publishing ministry. Majestic Publications is the literary extension of Majestic Worldwide Ministries, Inc.

 The Commitment

Majestic Publications is committed to conveying the Word of God through verbal proclamation, and written publications to empower audiences in every walk of life.   Majestic Publications is committed to encouraging, enlightening, and empowering people through the power of words. 

Encouragement — Words are powerful! They can inspire, edify and build esteem, or they can hurt, destroy character, and wound the spirit.  But have you ever received a “well-timed” word?  If so, you know how important it is to encourage others.  We are all challenged by discouragement at some point in life because life’s experiences can be overwhelming.  However, encouragement can make the difference in one giving up or moving forward.

Enlightenment — Knowledge is powerful! It should be shared.  But knowledge without wisdom can be dangerous.  One of the best ways to learn and become knowledgeable about life is through experiences—your personal experiences and the experiences of others.  The greatest source of enlightenment for Majestic Publications is the Bible.  As the inspired Word of God, its contents provide the solid foundation for gaining knowledge.  In addition, other resources and links are shared to enlighten visitors who visit this website. 

Empowerment —Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights.  Too often we settle for less because we are either ignorant of, or underestimate our talents, gifts, abilities, and resources.  Therefore, we must seek to empower self and each other.  Empowerment begins with a change in our attitude—embrace the positive; gain knowledge, obtain information through research in order to enhance your quality of life, make a positive impact on your environment and those in your sphere of influence.  We are blessed with ALL spiritual blessings that rollover into our natural life.  This enabling power comes through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Consequently, nothing shall be impossible for us to accomplish or achieve through Christ, in accordance with God’s plans and purposes.  The articles, essays, commentaries, poetic expressions on this site are solely for the purpose of inspiring you to become all that God has intended for you to be.

Enjoy your visit, and please visit often.