26 August 2013

 Weekly Devotional 

by Minister Ross Adams 



Good morning to all, today’s verse comes from the New Testament book of 3 John NIV.


3 John 5-8


 5Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you. 6They have told the church about your love. You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God. 7It was for the sake of the Name that they went out, receiving no help from the pagans. 8We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men so that we may work together for the truth.



By special invitation or with a surprise knock, company arrives and with them comes the promise of soiled floors, extra laundry, dirty dishes, altered schedules, personal expense, and inconvenience. From sharing a meal to providing a bed, hospitality cost . . . in time, energy, and money. But how we treat others reflect our true values – what is really important to us. Do we see people as objects or inconveniences, or as unique creations of a loving God? And which is more important to God, a person or a carpet? In this book of 3 John, John was letting Gaius, (a fellow believer), know he has heard about the good he has been doing for traveling missionaries and teachers, in opening up his home to them.



 If you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you can at this moment confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God hath raised Him from the dead. With this action, you are saved!  Be sure to read your bible, get connected to a fellowship of believers in and followers of Christ so that you may grow in knowledge of and in relationship with our Lord.  If you desire, please contact me directly, as I am willing to assist you in any way that I can.


Ross H. Adams





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