New eBook Release!

PrayerPrinciplesforBeginnersI’m convinced that God purposed me to inspire and encourage others to grow in their relationship with Him. Part of my assignment in encouraging and inspiring others is to offer the necessary resources and tools to help people develop their spiritual life.  My greatest emphasis is on “prayer” and the ministry of the Word.  I believe developing a consistent prayer life along with reading and studying the Word of God (Holy Bible) are most important in order to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I’m always seeking ways and opportunities to answer the call and fulfill His purpose for my life.

Consequently, I just published a new resource, “Prayer Principles for Beginners”.  This eBook is also a supplemental resource for my online course, Prayer Principles for Powerful Living  at

If you are struggling with your prayer life, would like to improve it, or perhaps you know someone who could benefit from this resource, please check it out.


8 thoughts on “New eBook Release!

  1. Congratulations!! I also have a book in publication right now with Divine inspiration, I know that we have to all reach out to others and help them to see the Light and encourage a relationship with the Lord. Blessings to you!


    • Oh! Thank you so very much! So true, we must do what the Lord desires for us to do, and what’s so amazing is the many ways His has gifted us to serve. Let’s keep in touch and encourage each other as we see the Day of His return approaching. I pray your project is successful and God will use it to touch and change many lives. Blessings, my sister in Christ!


  2. Hi there. The book looks really good – the kind of thing we all need from time to time, not just beginners (or are we all beginners, really ?) Anyway, Amazon won’t let me have ir for the moment, because I’m resident in Europe … tough luck for me ! I’m sure it will bless lots of people nearer to you.


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