For Sale- “As Is”

Yellow "For Sale" SignAre you familiar with the term, “as is?”  It’s used to describe items for sale in which the seller offers goods in their present, existing condition to prospective buyers.

 An “as is” sign on a product for sale notifies prospective buyers that they are taking a risk on the quality of the goods if they purchase that particular item.   There is no warranty to cover the sale of the goods; there is no guarantee from the manufacturer or the seller of the product. Thus, what you see is what you get; what you don’t see is what you don’t get.  Of course, the buyer is free to inspect the goods before purchase; but if any hidden defects are discovered after purchase, the buyer has no recourse.

 You may be surprised to know that buyers often take risks when purchasing products and goods. Usually, the goods they purchase have small dollar amounts and the purchase price depends on the buyer’s affordability.  In many cases, the buyer knows the product has no lasting value in terms of usability; but wants it simply for  sentimental value or reasons, and buys it anyway regardless of the sell price.

 Can you imagine with me that, as born-again Christians, we all have spiritual signs that read, “For sale, as is?”  The only difference is our Buyer was fully aware of what He was getting. It didn’t matter that we had hidden defects, imperfections and blemishes. Our appearance was not of importance to Him.  It didn’t matter that we were damaged goods…broken, cracked and marred like clay pottery. He wanted us anyway. Our Buyer knew that the Manufacturer’s product had lasting value, and once restored could be used to give glory to the One who created us. After all, He’d said from the beginning everything He’d created was good.  Therefore, our Buyer paid the highest price for us without concern for risking the quality of the Manufacturer’s Brand.  He knew the Manufacturer’s warranty came with a guarantee that would be sealed by the power of His Holy Spirit.

 I’ve learned that the main reason the Buyer purchased me was for sentimental reasons…He loved me unconditionally. Now because He loved me so much that He paid with His Blood, I am committed to loving Him in return, and serving Him unapologetically. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.”


I am so thankful that Jesus Christ purchased me in my “as is” condition. What about you?

 He still wants to take you “as is.”  He’s in the business of restoring lives, healing and renewing hope.

He will take you in your “as is” condition just because He loves you unconditionally.

Reference Scriptures: Romans 5:8; John 3:16-17; 1 Corinthians 6:20; Job 13:15

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