Spiritual Garage Sale

Garage sale

Garage sale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I had the day off (July 4th) National Holiday, I decided to do some much-needed cleaning…throwing away unnecessary stuff that I’d stockpiled for too long. I know. Usually this type of cleaning is done earlier in the year, and it’s called “spring cleaning.”  Oh, well. I’m late; had a lot going on in life.

If you’ve done any serious cleaning, you know you’re going to find something that you talk yourself into keeping.  And, if you’re a writer…OMG!  I have so much paper!  Anyway, in a box of papers I found this, which I don’t recall reading before.    Just felt inspired to share it… You may have read it somewhere before…



By Karen D. Gill


I said Lord, my finances are dwindling and I wish I could have a garage sale.  It would bring in some extra needed cash.  But, I just moved and all of my old stuff, extra stuff, and unwanted stuff are gone.

“You can still have a garage sale” He said, “How Lord?” I asked. “You still have some stuff around that needs to go away.”  His soothing voice was very clear.  So I perked up my little ears and asked Him to tell me.  This is what I received.

Go into the attic—your mind.  Shuffle around in all of those little compartments and pick out all of the useless thoughts, vain imaginations, doubts, and fears and take them out.

Go through the living area—your life. Pick up all those things you do that are not pleasing to me.  Those things that waste your time and take you from seeking my face. Take those out too.

Go into the basement—your heart, your soul, your foundation that deep place that holds your very being.  It is dark, so turn on the light of my Spirit so you can see. “Oh Lord, I don’t like the basement,” I cry. “It smells funny down there, it’s damp and musty, and it scares me!”

His voice is strong and firm, “It is not pleasant, and there are hurts, scars and open wounds that are festering.  The mold of unforgiveness grows there.  The hate, anger, and bitterness need to go.  Out with them.  But return, for we are not done here. That unforgiveness must be removed.”  I cried out, “Lord, it’s all over, little spots, in crevices; it really hasn’t been that long since I cleaned it and it just keeps coming back. How can I just make it stop?”

His voice calmed me as He spoke, “Take this bottle of “I Forgive You”, and as you clean then spray it on.  It is something that you will have to do daily and keep under control.”

Well, what a collection I now have in my garage. “What now, Lord, what am I going to with it now?” I am appalled by what I am looking at! It is all unwanted garbage.

“My child, give it all to me, I want all of it” He again spoke with a soft voice.  “I will cover it all with my blood, the blood shed at Calvary, it is already bought and paid for, just hand it all to me.”

As I picked up each thing and handed it to Him, it melted under His precious blood.

“One more thing my child,” He said as He reached out to me. “Those hurts, scars and bruises, pour this healing oil on them. And just bask in my presence. And you will find I have replaced all you have given me.  I have given you Love, happiness, kindness, joy, patience, goodness, peace, gentleness, and self-control. You have done well, and I am pleased.”

Yes, a garage sale was a good idea. I think I will do it again soon!


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