There is Light!

ImageWhen we don’t, or can’t see how things will “work out” the inclination is to say, “Forget it! What’s the use.” We think our only option is to give up.  Often others try to persuade us to see things from their viewpoint, or look at the brighter side, they tell us. But sometimes when all around you is darkness, you feel there’s no brighter side…there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s only a cliche. But there is! There’s a Light shining brightly. But you can’t always see it with the natural eye.  Sure, this life brings unexpected challenges, unbelievable conditions, and unimaginable calamities…. But is it really the time to give up?  Or could it be a time to step up and look up— a time to stop, reflect within and ask, “What am I to learn from this? What direction should I take that will lead me on the right path to purpose?  After you ask these questions, then listen for the answers to come from within, and watch for the answers to be revealed from without in the many ways the Great Power of the Universe chooses to speak.    But giving up…? Perhaps not.  Coming from another perspective—a more spiritual one, we can’t be so quick to give up   Think about this. It’s a perspective from Pamela McQuade that I agree wholeheartedly with:

When we are facing dire troubles, God never deserts us.  As life ebbs away, He does not step back from our need.  No, the Eternal One guides us every step of the way, whether life is joyous or discouraging.  God never gives up on you and never fails you.  So don’t give up on yourself.

Be encouraged!  There is a Light!  I pray that you will see it so that it will dispel the darkness that surrounds you, and that you will experience true happiness, and peace.  You deserve it. Don’t give up on yourself, and don’t give up on Life and Truth.


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