Promises! Done!

20120417-131947.jpgThis past Sunday, God sent a timely word that propelled me into another dimension concerning His promises! Although it wasn’t a “new” word per se, it was a confirmed word that reminded me that God will do what He says. In my book, Promises, Promises, Promises: Moving Forward after the Pain from Broken Promises, I provide a step-by-step guide to moving forward after you’ve been hurt by people that broke their promises in relationships. However, the God-inspired word on Sunday adds another perspective for those who have already moved forward, and are healed from the pain of broken promises. This dimension is much higher in view of the unfulfilled promises of God concerning Kingdom assignment. The promises God has made cannot always be shared with others because some of them are so “unbelievable” that you don’t want to the tainted skepticism of others, not to mention any personal doubts. Therefore, you just wait. After waiting for years nothing happens; no manifestation. Then you begin to wonder if what you heard was God, or your own “wishful” thoughts. This must have been the case with Abram and Sarai. But then, God being faithful, sends you a reminder!

The revelatory reminder God sent Sunday was two-fold: It is my responsibility to repeat/declare/decree what God has already said and promised–that means my spirit must agree with the Spirit of God within me by saying, Yes; Amen (So be it; done!). Secondly, Jesus Christ is the Amen (Rev. 3:14). Everything that God promised is fulfilled in Christ, and it is, Yes! (2 Cor. 2:17-18). My assurance is this: Jesus Christ is the Manifestation of God’s “Yes”; Christ is the Amen; and since my life is hidden in Christ, I can be assured that what God has promised for my life will manifest; therefore, I can declare, “Promises. Done!”


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