Promises! Promises!

Have you experienced one broken promise after another? Do you feel as if you can’t trust anyone because you have been lied on, lied to, cheated on, hurt and disappointed by someone you trusted?  Can’t trust your spouse, partner, friend, siblings, children…? One broken relationship after another?

Perhaps, your story is similar to Marsha’s. She thought she had the perfect man to make a perfect marriage.  She did everything she could to make the marriage work. Instead Nathan turned into an icy glacier, and divorce was the only option.  Now she’s heartbroken and feeling alone; earnestly praying for an answer to her dilemma so that she move forward with her life.  But she must first connect with the only one she can trust; the only one who will never break her heart again, or his promise.

Maybe you experienced a painful childhood like Elisabeth. Her deep seated brokenness came at the hands of an irresponsible father that had no idea of how to love a beautiful little daughter. From adolescence to young adult Elisabeth tried desperately to win her father’s approval. Then one day, she realized who her real Daddy was. She began her road to recovery and found out that her Daddy never breaks His promise.

What’s your story? Truth we all have a story about broken promises. Are you living in the past because you can’t move forward?  Every time you think you’ve met the right partner, it turns out he/she can’t keep their promises. If you really want to get on the road to recovery, and walk the path of purpose, the author will inspire you to move forward after the pain you’ve suffered because of broken promises.

At some point in life, broken promises are inevitable; we all will have to deal with promisebreakers. Life is filled with transition caused by broken promises. So, how do you move forward. Is there a process to overcoming. Yes, there is. This book gives you steps to take, and options for moving forward.

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