Nothing hidden!

The advancement in technology such as CAT scans, x-ray machines, and MRI test make it possible for medical professionals to see what goes on inside the human body. How awesome is that?

But there hasn’t been a machine yet that can look inside the brain to detect thoughts and attitudes, and judge if they’re right or wrong. (Personally, I don’t believe there ever will be). Only the Almighty God can do that! So, why try to hide? Why live secret lives when God sees all and knows all? Why conspire and commit criminal acts while professing to be God’s servants and messengers?

Like me, I’m certain many of my fellow Christian believers have been sadden by the news of Christian leaders being exposed because of alleged immoral behavior; some have been indicted and sentenced in a court of law. As painful as it may be, it’s a reminder that God’s Word is true.

I’m not posting this to be judgmental or critical. My purpose for writing anything is to encourage, motivate, inspire and enlighten readers to be attentive to what God says in His Word, what He requires and expects. And in doing so, pray that all my readers are drawn closer to Christ in faith and hope through an intimate relationship, which He desires to have with us all.

With that said…


“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” —Hebrews 4:13



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