Unchanging God

The historical journey of the Israelites continues to provide spiritual insight and knowledge about the character and ways of God.  It fascinates me to read how God brought to pass His covenant promise made with Abram so long ago (Genesis 12:1-3).  It’s a constant reminder that “time” as we know it is very different from God’s timing. Whatever it takes and however long it takes, God’s purposes always prevail; His promises are never broken.  (Remember the “rainbow” covenant? 

Think about this. After a half century as captives, a small proportion of the Israelites returned to their former home. They’d lost their own sense of identity. But they had the resources necessary to rise again…to be God’s people in God’s land.  Most important, they had God.  They could find strength in worshipping their God.  He had made them great before; he could make them great again, and provide a new leader in David’s line. A sorrowful people could start over on the old foundations—foundations that depended on an unchanging God and His unchanging choice of them.

Everyday I am awaken is an opportunity to start over…His unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the morning, as sure as the sunrise.  The Lord is all I have, and so in Him I put my hope (Lamentations 3:22-24). The same old foundation and historical journey of the Israelites is just as solid now as it was then.  He is my unchanging God and His unchanging choice of me and you (if you belong to Him) gives the strength and hope we need for powerful living.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I am still giving thanks to the Lord because He is good; His love endures forever. (1 Chronicles 16:34).


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