Pink on Purpose- Pt. 1


For the first time in my writing ministry I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sentiments on a subject that so many women battle with, and that so many have overcome—they are Survivors.

Each year a member of my office management team provides pink ribbons for everyone to boldly make a statement: This is breast cancer awareness month.  As I proudly pinned my ribbon on, I became aware of my ignorance.  Sure, October is the month designated as breast cancer awareness, but just wearing a ribbon again this year wasn’t enough.    When I arrived home from work, I took my ribbon off, finished up  of some household duties, ate my Sunday dinner leftovers, and sat down to my laptop to become more aware about what this month is really about.

I began by visiting the National Breast Cancer website. It’s simple! October is the month designated to become more knowledgeable, or cognizant about breast cancer.  In essence, wearing a “pink” ribbon has a real purpose. It’s an opportunity to “arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE.”

After visiting the website, I met the founder of National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., Janelle Hail.  I watched her story at I Am Second, and read her blog. Check it out!  It’s absolutely amazing how life’s tragedies are turned into triumphs through faith in Jesus Christ.

Throughout this month, I will be sharing my innermost thoughts and musings about breast cancer awareness month.

Until my next post… I am

Becoming aware…


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