See the Invisible World

It’s always so much easier to see those against you…your enemies that surround you when you never look up to experience the invisible world of God’s supernatural power. You always see your enemy greater in number, much stronger, and better equipped to defeat you.  Today your enemy may appear as insurmountable problems and obstacles that are overtaking you mentally, and overwhelming you emotionally.  Regardless of whomever or whatever form your enemy appears in, the objective is to destroy you. Annihilate you—wipe you out! I’m certain you get the picture.

Like Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6, when we see that we’re surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy, we also ask the question: “What shall we do?” I’ve learned to do exactly what the prophet Elisha did. Pray! Look up. Pray, “LORD, open my eyes that I may see!”

Yes. The enemy may be surrounding you too. But ask God to open your eyes to see the invisible world of supernatural forces, which He will send to fight for you. God send us help! God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).

What’s more noteworthy about this story is that God had already sent Elisha help—horses and chariots of fire (2 Kings 6:16-17). They surrounded Elisha in a greater number than the Syrian army. This story offers a rare glimpse of an encounter with the invisible world, and God’s supernatural power to rescue us from our enemy, or other situations planned for our demise.

Sure it’s much easier to see those against you with the natural eye when you never look up. However, I encourage you to experience “powerful living” by tapping into God’s resources, which can only be seen in the spirit realm. Pray and ask the Lord to open your eyes that you may see there are more with you than against you. Experience the invisible world—God’s army that surrounds you!


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