Remember today!

Well, in a few hours the day designated to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ will end. Many of us have attended early morning and midday services at the church of our choice. But, I’m not naïve; I know some of you reading this did not attend church at all.  However, for those of us who did, no doubt, we heard a timely sermon, or a relevant message from the Gospels, and experienced exuberant praise and worship.  And perhaps, your church family served a hearty breakfast after early morning service and you enjoyed fellowship with family and friends as I did.

But when tomorrow comes (if it comes) will the same sentiments of today, the excitement and declarations about Jesus being alive have any real meaning?  Is the power and truth of His resurrection embedded in your heart and mind to stand the test of times that’s sure to come? Or will you become distracted by the reality of everyday life that sometimes blinds us to this truth of the resurrection?  Will you hold to this day of celebration of the truth even when all the external circumstances and negative voices would say, “If your Jesus is alive, why would he allow such evil? Why doesn’t he get you out of your mess?” 

Therefore, I just want to encourage you to remember this day. Yes He is alive…He lives and because He lives you can live also.  And not just live but live the abundant life He secured for you (John 10:10). 

Don’t dare be discouraged by the appearance hopelessness. Don’t be deceived by the schemes of the devil. Instead, believe what God said and stand on it and declare it in spite of what conditions and circumstances look like.  Remember Jesus had told His disciples that He would be killed and after three (3) days rise again (Mark 8:31).  Yet, they forgot because they allowed the reality of  His death to override the truth of His Word, and substitute fear for faith. What they saw was His horrific crucifixon and burial in the tomb.  Their reality spoke louder that His promise.

We’re living in a time now where we can’t afford to make the same mistake!  Resurrection Day should be a reminder for us that what God says SHALL come to pass regardless of our conscious reality. 

I resolve to stand on what God says in spite of what I see in the natural.  Hopefully, you’ll resolve to do likewise. For all who believe, today has reminded us that whatever God speaks is subject to His timeframe to manifest in our reality and change our perspective and the course of life.

Remember today…


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